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Astro weather: Friday November 17th

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 16 degrees

3:41 am PST/ 7:41 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 20 degrees

11:37 am PST/ 2:37 pm EST

Capricorn Moon square Nodes @ 24 degrees

6:01 pm PST/ 9:01 pm EST

Scorpio Sun opposes Taurus in Uranus @ 21 degrees

9:03 am PST/ 12:03 pm EST

Scorpio Sun Cazimi Mars @ 25 degrees

9:01 pm PST/ November 18th 12:01 am EST

This is quite a day. This day doesn’t mess around. Moon squares Chiron to bring the wound out make us squirm with our what our bodies need to do. Moon wants us in touch with the that identity wound so we can make it through the day. Your wounded healer is your strength. So even if you feel the twinge of something that feels like it will never go away, remember that is your strength.

Moon trine Uranus. Our bodies and our emotional cycles will work well with what is being built. Consider this your foundation. Consider this, with the strength you picked up earlier, a place of solidity, even as the surprises, game changers come. You are built in and sturdy, you’ve been doing Taurus Uranus work for years now. You have a structure and it works beautifully. It’s built to weather some more astrology.

Moon squares Nodes. You are going to be learning something about yourself and your individuality, but the trigger will be relationships. Something from your past is being dragged in, there’s this pattern that you’ve been living, in different forms. Perhaps bad behaviour of a particular flavor is in your face…again. How do you move into the best possible way of being autonomous, real, authentic, and YOU?

OK now it gets spicy. Scorpio Sun sheds light on what has been lurking below. We are seeing ourselves and all the shady underbelly of our psyches. Taurus Uranus gives us the information via the totally unpredictable to make sure our consciousness finds the dark corners. Whatever has been lurking is going to come out. This might be difficult. It might be exciting. It might carry layers of emotional shrapnel with it. But its purpose is to move us to the next moment.

Sun cazimi Mars in its home sign of Scorpio. This is explosive, it’s focused. Whatever energy has been lurking in the bushes has been waiting to pounce–this might be the moment. There is energy and focus that wants to move through our consciousness. Mars is an initiator and this means we start a new Mars cycle. Scorpio is bringing up some dark stuff for us to contend with. Our obsessions, fixations, and our paranoias. We are hugely powerful and delicate at the same time. This new beginning might pack a punch. So how can we practice harm reduction? How can you feel the blow-- but comfort yourself more. How can you do the thing but do it fairly? Scorpio strikes to kill, so remember to hold your values close. Try not to do anything that you’ll regret.

You’ll be on a new voyage soon enough. It’s better to be on a journey that you intended to take than on an evacuation from the wreckage.

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