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Astrology Transits for Friday April 5th: What Makes You Move?

Are we inside or outside?
Fever dreams.

Pisces Moon conjunct Mars @ 11 degrees

10:08 pm PST/ April 6th 1:08 am

The planets are clustered. We are feeling strong death and rebirth vibes because there is so much straddling the line of Pisces and Aries. We are in an eclipse portal which also straddles the line, the line between Moon and Sun, past and future, conscious effort and instinctual impulse. We pull in, we hold, and we let go. Release. TGIF.

Mercury is in retrograde. We are retelling, relearning, and reinvestigating all of it. Who we are, how we are, if we say who we are. 

Moon conjunct Mars. This Moon makes us more psychic, and aware. We are spiritually feeling and working with energy that wants to soak in. Our instincts, needs, and bodies will tell us what we want and where we need to go. This liminal trust of what we can take in and understand spiritually is a muscle to build. There’s opening and trust being asked for on a universal scale.

Can you open to the possibility that everything is changing and that you can help the world change? What are learning about what you want, what you need, and what makes you move?

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