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Astrology Transits for Saturday March 16th: Merge With Life and Love, Even if it’s Difficult

Making art, making music, finding God.
The beauty of creating art is a spiritual act.

Gemini Moon trine Aquarius Mars @ 25 degrees

6:01 pm PST/ 9:01 pm EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Sun @ 27 degrees

9:10 pm PST/ March 17th 12:10 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

9:41 pm PST/ March 17 12:41 am EST

Those with Pisces placements must be feeling the vibe right now. There is some deep energy approaching with tomorrow's conjunction with Sun and Neptune, and that is backdropping this day. This is psychic, compassionate, porous energy that will be alive in the water. There is a touch-in of beautiful compassionate love, of absolute creativity, and spiritual one-ness coming up. We love to say that this will be a totally wonderful feeling; but compassionate love can be painful, difficult, or fraught. Pisces rules victims, martyrs, the addicted, and those that are shuffling off this mortal coil. Empaths will feel this one big time.

Moon trine Mars. What is your ideal, and how will you break free? Instinctually you know what to do, and you’ll figure it out. You’ll talk to enough people and get an idea of where to go with things, and there will be some frenetic energy around it, but there is a sense of purpose and clarity. Enjoy this boost of understanding the big picture and the little picture at once. What you desire is possible. You can put energy into it and start the process.

Moon square Sun. Moon square Neptune. This is a buildup of emotional energy. Who are you talking to and how are you communicating? Moon is feeling needs and instincts, curiously trying to understand how to react  while this conjunction mounts to a very emotional climax. You may have friction in understanding or friction in embodying this understanding. Love is hard, but it drives us. Maybe you are alone, and you’re not talking to anyone, but the fullness of what you are understanding reverberates. It might be overwhelming. Be compassionate with yourself. Be loving. But make sure that you are also keeping your structures in place. 

Make some art, play some music, write some words. Meditate. Do a ceremony. Make a ritual. Do it for you--because you can. Merge with life and love, even if it’s difficult. And if you can’t do that: REST. This is not a time for getting things done, or making things happen. Let something emerge. This is a time to feel your personal divinity.

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