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Astrology Transits for Thursday April 18th: You Just Came Through Something Big

A woman leads a procession
Walking forward as ourselves.

Leo Moon trine Aries Sun @ 28 degrees

5:02 am PST/ 8:02 am EST

Big astrology brewing. We are at the end of Aries season. What did you rebirth this month? What came to life? Did you get to know who you really are? We are being called to change our beliefs about ourselves and really get into what’s real, what’s tangible, and what is solid. Mercury retrograde making us really re evaluate the way we think about ourselves and communicate. We are reassessing– mainly through our relationships– our authentic identity. As we move in Taurus season tomorrow, and move to more fixed energy, it’s nice to be in touch with this self that we have rediscovered through all these big lessons with people around us.

How better to do this than with a fire trine with Moon and Sun? This aspect gives some inspired “yes you can” energy that feels tall, proud, and embodied. You just came through something big– you were squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste– so to speak. You’ve dropped a lot behind you, and it hurt like nothing else to drop it– but now, you are 100% small batch, artisanal YOU.  That fire will be all through you today as situations and things come into play, especially unexpected surprises or new information, that changes your beliefs about the world. Finding your strongest integrity all month was all about how you manage this next vibe, because now your beliefs will come into alignment with that integrity you honed. Change is coming, and beliefs will need to change with the times. 

You and your integrity are the flame we carry to the future. Change is coming, and it will be real. Thankfully you are part of the lineage that carries the human race, and you will show us the way.

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