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Astrology Transits for Tuesday April 23rd: Clean Out the Cobwebs

A plumber plumbs.
Some things weren't built to work.

Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Pluto @ 2 degrees

12:27 pm PST/ 3:27 pm EST

Full Moon in Scorpio @ 4 degrees

4:53 pm PST/ 7:49 pm EST

Well we made it today, my friends. We are feeling things! How is it landing in your body? Are you tired, lethargic? Are you feeling overwhelmed or immovable? Do you want to hide? Confront? Talk? Obsess?

This is some big Plutonian energy, with Scorpio Moon and Aquarius Pluto. Fixed water is highly attuned. We are all extremely sensitive today. Scorpio is focused, and it wants to get to the bottom of things. Including going underground to investigate. Pluto wants to reveal something that was hidden and transform how you were doing it. 

Moon square Pluto/ opposes Sun for the full Moon energy making a T-square with Pluto at the apex. This is big energy. It’s cleaning out the pipes, and the pipes in this case are your some of your emotional detritus. Scorpio is where we are fixated, determined, kinky, directed. Those with chronic pain may have a big flare, up, but hopefully, some relief when the Moon wanes.

Pluto is like a plunger at the apex of this T-square, pulling out the blockage. If your emotions are all over the place, then you can give gratitude for the cleaning that this full Moon will provide. There is a relief after removing something that your body needs to expel. This one is going deep. If you have any breathing practices, or have done somatic work, this could be helpful as you move through this emotional power wash. 

This will be really difficult for some of us. Remember that this is a Moon transit, and therefore it’s going to wane soon enough, and it’s here to clean out the cobwebs. Some glorious new energy is on its way in, so we need you strong and ready to receive it. Take care of yourself and your body. This energy will pass. Bless the movement and transformation.

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