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Astrology Transits for Wednesday April 10th: There is Treasure There, But You Have to Dig

Deep sea divers in the ocean.

Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 19 degrees

12:18 pm PST/ 3:18 pm EST

Pisces Mars conjunct Saturn @ 14 degrees

1:14 pm PST/ 4:14 pm EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 21 degrees

3:17pm PST/ 7:17 pm EST

Moon conjunct Jupiter.  This is a beautiful balmy moment when body, instinct, and belief become one. We are grounded in reality and sensuality, and there is natural and consistent growth that we can actually feel. Our most mundane moments can sometimes give us the best insight into our own growth. Do you feel more grounded and secure? Do you believe in the process? What feels like real growth to you?

Mars conjunct Saturn. Mars wants to go and direct energy, Saturn wants to make boundaries and slow things down over time and effort. Strategy. Achievement. In Pisces this energy is psychic, emotional, liminal, and under the surface. Collectively we will be working out some important lessons about our energy. Anger, frustration, domination, foresight, strength and fortitude, are themes we can work with. There can be control dramas. Or latent anger agitating the order of things. This is coming to provide a bit of dissolution of what needs to be composted, but also to highlight what must be saved from the bottom of the ocean. There is treasure there, but you have to dig. This conjunction can achieve great things, can help make something clear, and will show you something about how your energy works.

Moon conjunct Uranus. We get information from the heavens when Uranus is involved, in a quick flash. Taurus isn’t that quick, but can handle upset. With this conjunction we might experience a physical change. We might get new information, something might happen. There will be an impulse to bigger truth and freedom within. What are you learning about the reality of being you? How are you being called to change?

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