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Astrology Transits for Wednesday May 15th: This is Pure Energy Working Magic

A sandwich display case
So much to choose from! How many combinations of sandwiches could there be?

Leo Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 23 degrees

12:58 am PST/ 3:58 am EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Sun @ 25 degrees

4:47 am PST/ 7:47 am EST 

Leo Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 27 degrees

9:39 am PST/ 12:39 pm EST

Mercury enters Taurus 

10:05 am PST/ 1:05 pm EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Mercury @ 0 degrees

3:03 pm PST/ 6:03 pm EST

Moon square Uranus. Fixed squares have a grindy quality to them, and this one happens with your body, your needs and your awareness. Something comes to light that bugs you or perhaps is making it hard for you to shine. There is some basic life stuff coming against a need to be out there and seen, a contraction that only wants us to know what is stable and right for us. Whatever the flavor of realization you get, know that it is there to help, no matter how frustrating.

Moon square Sun. Ouch not another square, but yes. Sometimes we need another person to recognize us in ourself. Leo Moon really has this pull to be noticed, appreciated, or acknowledged. Sometimes we know what we must do to get through, and we manage it all and carry many burdens so that everything works out better, and it would be nice if people appreciated how much we do to make everything work, and how hard it is to carry such a load. There is this idea of leading and idea of enjoying. Are we mixing up the importance of the good life with true leadership and hard work? Are we face down, trying to move forward with our plans and ignoring our need to have some fun? Leo Moon loves drama, so maybe some flames will kick up and bring some plot devices along.

Moon square Jupiter. There is a confidence to this Moon that can be harnessed, to create an emotional scenario that stars “you and your needs.” This Moon pushes other things aside and says “Let’s get you what you need to get through this.”  This comes up into a grind with Jupiter that wants to expand slowly and gradually. What do you believe you need to survive and what do you believe a good life is? And there you are– trying to define it and realizing that you actually don’t quite know what you are asking anymore. Leo Moon wants you to get what you need and Jupiter is expanding you to have a lot of that already, but of course this Moon has some fine tuning to do.

Mercury enters Taurus. Our thoughts and ideas will slow down, we will be more mindful, intentional and connective with our words (which is helpful right now with Mars in Aries.) We will be connected to nature and the earth, grounded in our thinking and able to hold thoughts and ideas. Because of this, we might have slower responses, we might be waiting for information more, we might find it harder to come up with new ideas. We might feel like talking less, or more carefully, or drawn to more hedonistic thoughts and conversations. Food and finance might be something we talk about more, and we will be drawn to the outdoors to collect our thoughts or chat. We’ll want to connect and talk to others, because Venus is the ruler of this Mercury, and she too is in Taurus. Enjoy this time to get more focused and get more follow through on your projects. Git R done!

Moon trine Mercury. This aspect is a bit interesting since earth sign Virgo rules this Moon, and of course Virgo’s ruler Mercury in Taurus is making some practical magic happen in a very real concrete way. Your thoughts, conversations, and needs will simultaneously meet up and get you practical results. Virgo Moon is analytical and very self aware, so chances are you might find yourself in the rightest place at the rightest time to have the rightest conversation. Or at least, instead of “rightest” we could say: helpful, critical, important, meaningful. Did I mention that this all happens at 0 degrees? This is pure energy working magic together. The challenge is to recognize it. Magic happens everyday and we take it for granted and don’t even notice it. In an earth trine, it won’t look like magic at all, but see if you can recognize it?

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Thanks Elsabeth, the magic happened early on;

smiles amid the squares.

Love your words full of heart and mind !

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