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Friday December 1st

Cancer Moon square Libra Venus @ 25 degrees

12:07 am PST/ 3:07 am EST

Cancer Moon opposite Capricorn Pluto @ 28 degrees

5:06 am PST/ 8:06 am EST

Mercury moves into Capricorn

6:32 am PST/ 9:32 am EST

Leo Moon trine Sagittarius Mars @ 5 degrees

6:46 pm PST/ 9:46 pm EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 6 degrees

9:43 pm PST/ Dec. 2nd 12:43 am EST

We start out December with a cardinal square where our emotional needs come into friction with our need to connect. We feel slighted or unseen. We feel unheard, unrecognized, or even unsafe. This might be all in our head or it might be true. How do we know? How do we react? Something is starting from this seed of unmet emotional needs and the seat of our values, how we want to be valued.

Moon’s opposition to Pluto denotes a power struggle is impending. Something has been brought to the surface and must be contended with, and this has to do with relationships, but may have the added bonus of carrying ancestral undertones. Perhaps we are enacting a pantomime of behavior that is familiar as we saw our parents do this same dance. Perhaps we are sorting something out for them, or their parents?

Mercury leaves the optimistic, idealistic, and free shooting sign of Sagittarius for the strategic, slow, incremental, and high standard sign of Capricorn. Capricorn doesn’t mess around with flights of fancy, it wants tangible results, so our thinking will get a little more intentional and conversations may be more to the point. We need to cut to the chase and we need to think things through.

A fire trine between Mars and Moon will give us the energy and chutzpah to work through what’s in front of us. We may find ourselves really needing a resolution or inspiration to carry us through big feelings and restless energy. These two will give you a boost and a blessing. This is divine inspiration at its finest. But remember sometimes divine inspiration asks us to burn it all down. There will be consequences of course, but inaction is also a choice, and it comes with its own set of consequences.

A fixed square between Moon and Jupiter will be quite uncomfortable as we contend with what we need and what we believe we should be able to have. Jupiter wants certain things and that is comfort, regularity, and a sense of being able to count on things. Leo Moon wants admiration, attention, and to be seen. This square makes us have to contend with safety, security, our needs and our beliefs about what we need. We may find out that we know less about ourselves than we thought.

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