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Friday November 24th

Aries Moon conjunct North Node/ opposite South Node @ 24 degrees

3:01 am PST/ 6:01 am EST

Sagittarius Mars square Pisces Saturn @ 0 degrees

@ 8:35 am PST/ 11:35 am EST

Sagittarius Mercury enters shadow @ 22 degrees

4:25 am PST/7:25 am EST

Something is holding you to your future. You may have experienced something that roots you to your identity or where your identity needs to go. You may get a new impulse to do things differently. What feels strange and new?

Mutable square with Mars and Saturn is a frustration station. One wants to move, the other goes very slow. There is energy that wants to escape and lessons and boundaries preventing it. Sagittarius wants to expand and Pisces is expanse itself. How do you do it then? What must happen? How long will it take? What are you willing to do to make it happen. Is there a long game you are playing? Perhaps you are winning by continuing to play? Perhaps you want to give up, but you won't.

As of today we may start noticing something that needs our attention or something that is not quite computing right. Mercury is entering its shadow, and this is usually when our big lessons come up. Mercury in Sagittarius is idealistic and optimistic, but we do have things to get into line for a longer haul. Our beliefs might need to change, and we might need to communicate differently. We will go over this terrain over the rest of the year, so look out for what comes up for you.

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