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Full Moon Total Eclipse In Taurus

Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon)

Eclipse begins @ 12:02 am November 8th PST

Full eclipse begins @ 2:16 am November 8th PST

Maximum Eclipse @ 2:59 am November 8th PST

Penumbral Eclipse Ends @ 5:56am November 8th PST

On September 8th, in the wee hours of the night in North America, we’ll have an eclipse that closes this potent eclipse portal. This isn’t just any Full Moon North Node eclipse. This one has the force of a lot of planets teaming up with the nodes. Sun (16 degrees) is conjunct the South Node (13 degrees), Mercury (15 degrees), & Venus (20 degrees) in Scorpio. The Moon (16 degrees) is conjunct Uranus (16 degrees) and the North Node (13 degrees) in Taurus. And that’s all in a T-square to Saturn in Aquarius @18 degrees. That’s a LOT of fixed energy.

This is a fortifying moment in time- the bricklaying has been done. There is something– indeed– to write home about. Something that has been happening slowly over time is– all of a sudden–happening quickly, in order to keep you on track. It’s like a planetary pivot on one leg, turning us faster in spin. You have been already feeling this the past 2 weeks. It’s been quite uncomfortable.

Let’s discuss what’s going on in the Taurus and Scorpio axis. Taurus is stable, sensual, and concerned with form. How do we make our forms beautiful, how do we grow our crops, how do we get what we need to survive on this earthly realm? Taurus is an earth sign that moves slowly and deliberately, does the work, and carries it through.

Scorpio is the other side of the coin. It’s concerned with transformation, transmutation, psychology, sex, and death. Scorpio is concerned with how we free ourselves from burdens, how do we get the emotional, sexual, and psychological things we need to survive, how do we go through life and death processes, and how do we transcend this earthy realm? Scorpio is a water sign that uncovers the stuff that has been building up and transforms it with psychological prowess, emotional intelligence, sex, or magic.

Scorpio and Taurus are both at odds and interdependent at the same time. They are star crossed lovers, built for two worlds.

We have been wrestling on this axis for a while. Some of us have planets here also, which adds to the complexity of what’s going on, but all of us have been feeling the effects of Uranus’s long tour through Taurus and the conjunction it did with the North Node earlier in the year. Uranus is the god of change and the North Node is a receptor point that points us to where we are going, karmically, in life. That conjunction made sure we are contending with our karmic path, meaning it pushed us into awkward and uncomfortable territory. We’ve seen upsets and large curveballs in our finances, our jobs, our sense of comfort and our ability to receive. What house is Taurus in for you?

This comes into play now with 3 personal planets (Sun, Venus, Mercury) in Scorpio illuminating the Moon/ Uranus/ and the North Node in Taurus. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are our personal experience and spirit; the way we think and feel combined with our essence. This axis is personal, and part of the bigger whole.

However, there is another fixed sign in the mix apexing this T-square: Aquarian Saturn. You know this energy well– it was riding us hard most of 2021 in its square with Uranus, and it came back around August for one last kick at the can. We are in it now, but we are about to clear this square! The levy is about to break.

Saturn is very comfortable in fixed air where it can easily bound us and pin us to our place in the world, and our work. We are personal beings that are part of humanity. Whatever growth and friction we are building on our axis of form vs. formless, stability vs. transformation, our values, our larger selves, and our journey; this is all to serve a larger earthly purpose in the context of humanity. We are part of a collective journey and we are all in the theme park together.

What will this celestial moment reveal about us? Do you have Natal planets in fixed signs between 12 degrees and 19 degrees? Especially if these planets reside in Scorpio, Taurus, or Aquarius, this moment will be extra juicy, but Leo especially is primed to take some drama in due to being ruled by the Sun. Leo placements will also get activation.

Now is a good time to talk about fear. Fear is a wild beast. It makes us do crazy things, act in ways that are out of integrity. Generally fear is what helps fascism remain a threat to humanity. Dictators, dark energy, and all monsters are stoked by fears. Scorpio’s job– in many ways– is to help us face our fears. It uncovers, investigates, and burrows deep within. Scorpio Sun shines this underworldian focus upon Taurus Moon in this eclipse.

We fear unpredictability, and we crave it. We’ll work the same job we hate for years so we can afford to travel to far off places we’ve never seen. We’ll stay in the same relationship that isn’t working so that we can afford the latest fashions and a varied diet of organic, high-quality, food. We do things with consistency in order to have variety. That is the Scorpio/ Taurus axis. We discover our nuances within the plodding. We find our equilibrium in novelty.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this yet, but the planets don’t like to keep us too comfortable. We just don’t shine the same way if we haven’t been through a rock tumbler. This is the beauty, frustration, and wildness of being a human. This eclipse is the fever pitch that ushers in a whole new world. The culmination of the status quo that births new layers.

So I ask these questions of you:

Can you recognize your role in the world right now? And: if not, can you recognize that you might have a sacred purpose in the world, just as you are?

Can you have faith that you have chosen to be here at this time, in this piece of flesh, to do something significant?

Can you move forward through this spikiness with some degree of confidence, even though this is hella uncomfortable?

Can you trust yourself, and the process?

The people you love, take care of, and help are very significant. The art you make is significant. The kindness that you extend to people, animals, and the earth is significant. Significance, real contribution, is often encased in the most humblest of acts. The Taurus sides of us would like to nestle in a luxurious blanket and hide from geopolitical changes happening around us. But the changes ARE happening. And the things you do, to love, to help, to take care of your body; these are signals in the interconnected network of humanity of how we can move forward differently.

This being a human thing is hard. It’s always been hard, and it will always be hard. But we keep coming back to do it, again and again.

You are doing great! You didn’t come here to ace all the tests and be successful like capitalism would have us believe. You came here to learn, grow, explore and love. And you are doing it magnificently.

Eclipse blessings xo

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