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Monday December 4th

Virgo Moon trine Capricorn Mercury @ 3 degrees

2:10 am PST/ 5:10 am EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 6 degrees

9:31 am PST/ 12:31 pm EST

Venus enters Scorpio, Virgo Moon square Sagittarius Mars @ 7 degrees

10:50 am PST/ 1:50 pm EST

Virgo Moon square Sagittarius Sun @ 12 degrees

9:47 pm PST/ December 5th 12:47 am EST

Moon trines Mercury. Your thoughts, conversations and understanding will be based in reality. We are ready to organize next steps and ideas, physically sorting out what is important and what is key to survival. There is download energy happening here- information will come down in packets and you’ll have something to sort out and pull apart, practically.

Moon trines Jupiter. There is a possibility for manifestation and growth here. This is tangible and real. What momentum can you create with this beneficial energy that wants to get you where you need to go, securely? Take just one step, and that will take you closer.

Venus in Scorpio is fixated and determined. It’s in its detriment in Scorpio, It wants what it wants. The desire is big and it can be overwhelming, and you may find yourself going down a dark path. Desire itself can overtake. Why do you want what you want? Where does the hunger hit, what is it propelling? Scorpio is about power and transformation, so this fixation and focus will take you somewhere, and you will come out different by the end of the tour. This is the time to find your power and your desire and make it work for you. Remember that you have to be human and treat other humans with respect

At the same minute that Venus goes into Scorpio, Moon squares Mars, and Mars is the ruler of Scorpio Venus. So there’s some big energy happening here in our bodies that is going to rub up against itself. There is power shifting action and bodily attunements going on. There are decisions to make about what we are doing and where we are going. Those of us that like the darkness must make sure that we aren’t re-enacting a trauma just to feel “normal” Our higher impulses will hopefully guide us for this jumping off transit of Venus in Scorpio.

A mutable square with Sun and Moon. Change is in the air, and nothing will look the same. Our bodies and souls are going to be the antennae of this. You’ll feel it inherently. Change is always uncomfortable. So you are riding this moment into your future. Hold your head up high, check your integrity, and make sure that steps you take align with who you want to be. Don’t let yourself become an abstraction of what you are at core. This square will get you in touch with the deepest knowledge, but that may not be a pleasant experience.

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