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New Moon in Pisces: What Are you Fishing For?

March 10th, at 12:59 am PST, we have a Pisces New Moon. This is a time root into your dreams and power of manifesting. This is a powerful energy to build from. Intentions set here will cause ripples throughout your world.

But where is here, in time and space? Pisces season is filled with decomposition and dissolution. We have been picking through the dirt, to find what is left. What and who will come with us on our trip to the future? But a bigger question becomes, what is the future for us?

Where are you going? What are you headed towards? Do you have any ideas?

This New Moon is loosely conjunct Saturn and Neptune on either side, and sextile Uranus. Whatever seed we plant in today is consecrated, but the ground that we plant it in will matter. Where do we put our intentions? This seed is planted with energy from Saturn, which says that we must work hard and achieve mastery, that nothing comes easy, and there are boundaries around what we can achieve. This energy asks us to focus on the essential. This seed is planted with energy from Neptune, which bestows a level of confusion and chaotic order, a yearning from source energy and the cosmic womb. We are fishing-- but are we fishing in the right water?

This energy asks us to drop into deep compassion and love for ourselves as sacred. And that sounds really nice until you realize that you are keeping people in your life who are destructive, or maintaining a situation that is slowly killing you, or allowing somebody to decide your fate. Are you a participant in your own life? Real compassion and love for yourself does require an energetic signature of commitment. Actions must be taken to make this love real.

Harness Saturn’s “no more of anything that is destroying me” vibe and use Neptune’s spiritual and creative force. The sextile from Uranus gives you a way to tap into the power of human consciousness as you plant this powerful seed. The Uranus sextile in this New Moon is asking us to let go– yes– but it is also asking us to change our behaviour. As we come towards this powerful ending, we must also look at the way we are complicit in our own suffering. Are we attached to situations and people who hurt us? Why is that? Are we fishing in the right water?

New Moons are creative, optimistic and hopeful. This New Moon may be more so-- because it’s coming from a big ending. We’ve been doing a lot of relationship work lately, and this New Moon is going to help us move through loss, grief, unmet expectations, and betrayals. We may feel victimized, marginalized, or addicted to something that has overtaken us. We may just feel obliterated. It’s hard to feel hopeful when staring at the rubble of once was. The rubble of once was might not be the best place to go fishing.

This New Moon is knocking on your door and asking you to find your strength, mastery, and boundaries and marry them to your sense of deep love. From that energetic centre; you dream your dreams and drop your anchored intention. This might be unfamiliar territory, but I hear it's a great place to fish.

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