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Saturday February 10th

Mercury in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus @ 8 degrees

5:21 am PST/ 8:21 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 7 degrees

5:44 pm PST/ 8:44 pm EST

Fixed squares are like a push/push, grinding gears scenario. Your higher mind and overall human consciousness will come into conflict with a sense of growth, or potentially an overconfidence or inflated idea of self. What you think and say is could be taken the wrong way, as arrogance, or overbearing, potentially as overconfidence in something that you believe to be true. Maybe if things are crunchy it’s time to take a time-out, or at least, don’t be in a hurry. Mistakes can be made in this energy. 

Moon conjuncts Saturn in Pisces. Pisces is the sign of endings and dissolution. This is serious energy that is felt in the body. There is a heaviness here, a spiritual knowing, an emotional response. Saturn is asking you to work at this energy, while Moon has you feeling it. You feel more responsible, serious, perhaps you feel like it’s “on” you.  Is there something you need to now face or process? Does something want to be healed? What/ who needs to be released? A slow, painstaking goodbye is still a goodbye. Something can be ending, and even though you can see it, you can’t stop it. That’s Pisces. A drop in the ocean. A formless response to form. There is potential to use this energy in a positive, inspired way. Root into what’s strong within, and allow the dissolution of what does not serve. Much easier said than done.

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