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Saturday November 18th

Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto @ 28 degrees

12:27 am PST/ 3:27 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 8 degrees

5:49 pm PST/ 8:49 pm EST

Capricorn Moon wants to make sure needs are met and people are taken care of in the best way. Pluto will help us transform our power into what it needs to be and where it needs to go. Moon and Pluto meld our emotional field into something tangible, even if it becomes ephemeral.

Moon squares Jupiter- the impulse is to do what’s best for everyone, and to innovate, revolutionize, and make it all better. But our beliefs and the hard cold facts might make this impulse harder to actualize. Could we then take this moment to understand that friction needs to be here to make us better, and that beliefs can change? Sometimes to be a rebel you have to be inside the system. Can you figure out how to consider everyone involved?

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