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Thursday, January 11th

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees  

1:25 am PST/ 4:25 am EST

New Moon in Capricorn squaring the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra @ 20 degrees 

3:57 am PST/ 6:57 am EST

Sagittarius Venus trine Aries Chiron @ 15 degrees

6:22 am PST/ 9:22 am EST

Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto @ 29 degrees

6:32 pm PST/ 9:32 pm EST

Capricorn vibes run high! Do you see your inner Capricorn- the part of you that moves forward, makes things go, strategically, step-by-step? Can you let it shine today? 

Moon trine Uranus- we will get some insight or knowledge that will likely land in the body or show up as a need. There is some kind of easy understanding to be had, that affects you in your ordinary and daily life. Ordinary life is where the magic happens, of course.

New Moon in Capricorn squares the North and South Nodes! What a New Moon! This is a powerful time to set intentions. But again, can you see the steps- can you feel them? And are you clear on what your intentions actually are? Can you think about that- and envision the story, the feelings, as well as  writing them down? This is a New Moon after all, and intention can be a full body experience. If you want to read more about this big energy and how you can harness it, check out what I wrote here.

Venus trine Chiron- we can connect through healing and we can connect through pain. We can connect through both, of course, but there is something about our values that is informed by this energy. Pain and healing will inspire and invoke us into some sort of  judgement call. Or breakthrough. Or soothing. 

Moon conjunct Pluto. There is this idea of warming up for some big change and shift in 9 days. Pluto has been placing some urgency on all of us to transform our lives, myself included. It’s got an agenda and we are going to have to let go of some things or else we’ll be dragged. We may have to pick ourselves up off the ground inelegantly. Our bodies may tell us something. We are being nudged, and not very gently. Something will give, and we will change. But today an appetizer for the upcoming main event.

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