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Thursday January 18th

Taurus Moon trine Capricorn Mercury @ 5 degrees

9:42 am PST/ 12:42 pm EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 6 degrees

11:04 am PST/ 2:04 pm EST

Taurus Moon trine Capricorn Mars @ 10 degrees

7:24 pm PST/ 10:24 pm EST

Today’s astrology is generally beneficial.

Taurus Moon makes an earth trine to Mercury to help us find practical and strategic ways to work with our needs and thoughts. We may have solid and productive conversations or find ourselves in the zone of knowing what needs to be done. This is beneficial energy when you have work to achieve and definitely favors practical thought and matters.

Moon conjunct Jupiter. Your body and idea of your needs may feel expanded and augmented today. You may feel hungrier, and able to reach further, or able to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You could feel growth of knowledge, or a well connected social group. Jupiter can be lucky, so chances are that this transit could be enjoyable. 

Moon trine Mars. Actions are aligned with the body and cycles that sustain you. Your emotional field should serve your activities and your needs. What practical solutions and actions can you take to move forward?

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