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Wednesday November 22nd

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 24 degrees

12:43 am PST/ 3:43 am EST

Sagittarius Season begins

6:03 am PST/ 9:03 am EST

Pisces Moon trine Scorpio Mars @ 28 degrees

7:07 am PST/ 10:07 am EST

Aries Moon trine Sagittarius Sun @ 0 degrees

9:33 am PST/ 12:33 pm EST

When Moon conjuncts Neptune we are surely confused. We no longer know where is up or down. We are in the soup of universal love, delusion, mystery, murkiness, and one-ness. This is where things end. This is where boundaries fade and we are only left with bodily inklings of sheddings and receptors. What are you learning from the veil today and what does it look like? Want to write a poem?

After some really deep plumbing, we finally hit Sagittarius Season. We have cleaned out some deep emotions and we are now a bit more conducive to moving with the the greater social machine. Sagittarius season is social, it’s glitzy and it’s expensive. It’s about ideas and truths and parties and where we are going to go. Where are you going to go?

Water trines help us with shedding built up traumatic shrapnel. How can you work through your knots? Where in your body does your emotion build? What will you do with the energy? Where are you aiming your energy, and what do you bring to the table?

Powerful anaretic fire trine with Sun and Moon to really hammer home the day. There is something we are supposed to pull from the ether today. There is magic we are supposed to have arrived at internally. We will catch a glimpse of what we are building.

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