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Weeklies for May 8-May 14th

Monday May 8

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

11:21 am PST/ 2:21 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Jupiter @ 28 degrees

1:27 PM PST/ 4:27 pm EST

Capricorn Moon opposes Cancer Venus @ 1 degree

7:19 pm PST/ 10: 19 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus North Node @ 3 degrees

10:18 pm PST/ May 9th 1:18 am EST

Sagittarius Moon is ready to move forward, grow, and become more. It wants spiritual truth. Pisces Neptune delivers spiritual truth but in a package that can only be felt, sensed, and processed in the body. These two will square off today and the friction is more about what is unknown, unsaid, unrecognized and unseen. This is sensitive terrain that comes with no orientation video or map. Whatever is happening it may be tough to understand, and yet overwhelmingly potent. How can you centre in a situation that doesn’t make sense?

Moon then makes a beneficial trine to Aries Jupiter. Beliefs about yourself and your abilities and identity can be boosted by your own bodies cycles and confidence. Jupiter rules this Moon, so expansion is definitely on the menu. In what ways are you seeing yourself differently? What changes are your ready to make to move you forward?

Cancer Venus and Capricorn Moon make an opposition. There are practical emotional needs that should be attended to. Are you getting enough sleep or alone time? Are you giving yourself the time you need? Cancer Venus will put itself last when there are others to nurture. It will work so hard to take care of the flock before asking itself what it needs. But it also needs things and wants things to feel safe. Capricorn Moon isn’t always great at knowing the extent of its emotional field. It wants to get on with things, deal with things, and be practical. Between these two energies you may have a hard time knowing what is important and what you need. Can you give yourself some time to consider this?

Capricorn Moon makes a beneficial trine to Taurus North Node. This Moon is asking us to keep going and keep doing our emotional and physical work, and ultimately this will help us get to where we are headed. Practical steps may be taken, and unexciting details need to be attended to. But our micro moves will affect the larger trajectory of this Taurus North Node. What are you beginning to see about your future? How can you do the emotional work needed to get there?

Tuesday May 9

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Mercury @ 7 degrees

4:27 am PST/ 7:27 am EST

Taurus Sun conjunct Uranus @ 18 degrees

12:52 pm PST/ 3:52 pm EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 17 degrees

10:35 pm PST/ May 10 1:35 am EST

A nice earth trine between the way we feel and the way we think opens the day. There’s something stable and direct about the way you communicate and the way you think and how that works with your body regulation. Are you getting more rest? Are you feeding yourself better? Is there a practice that is helping you? This has huge implications to the larger whole of your life, and when in sync can affect your entire outlook.

Taurus Sun conjuncts Uranus today. You have been feeling the Taurus house theme for a while, what with the Uranus transit in the last years, the nodal transits since early 2022, and now with Sun and Mercury also residing there. So lets review the Taurus vibe: it’s slow, steady and dense energy that wants security and will store for the long haul. Taurus is ruled by Venus and is symbolized by the bull– the same bull that symbolizes the stock market. Taurus is hard working, and can carry a project through to the end, to the point of being stubborn and a bit adverse to change– which is interesting because Uranus is an outer planet that is all about change. Uranus is known as a flash of divine insight that forces non-linear change, revolution, and a desire for freedom. So with the Sun conjunct Uranus, there is a spotlight and egoic integration here for this change.

This transit can’t be planned for, but it can be marked. Whatever that “new thing” that is happening here, or change, or way of seeing the world will be important and then further supported by Jupiter’s upcoming move into Taurus as well.

What house– for you– is ruled by Taurus? What changes are you seeing there? How have you seen yourself change profoundly under this energy already and where do you see this going? Taurus is a fixed sign, so wants to sustain, but how does change work within this impulse? How can you change something constant?

Finally a cardinal square that promises to initiate something for you. This is with Capricorn Moon and Aries Chiron. Your body and cyclical nature is wanting to move forward and get going while your identity wound and overall sense of healing is informing this cycle. Aries Chiron asks you to be in tune with wounding, while Capricorn Moon might want to skip over the emotionalism and do what needs to be done. What is that thing that needs to be done?

Can your role as healer add to the practicality called for by your body? Is there a way that your identity and role in the world is teaching you how to work both in service of emotions but also not at the mercy of them?

Wednesday May 10

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 18 degrees

12:31 am PST/ 3:31 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Sun @ 19 degrees

1:20 am PST/ 4:20 am EST

Capricorn Moon opposite Cancer Mars @ 24 degrees

9:38 am PST/ 12:38 am EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Jupiter @ 28 degrees

4:51 pm PST/ 7:51 pm EST

Aquarius Moon conjunct Pluto @ 0 degrees

7:39 pm PST/ 10:39 pm EST

Capricorn Moon is the main player today with its initiatory, social climbing, and practical ways. This earth vibe and Moon doesn’t let us indulge in our emotions in the same way other signs do. Emotional health, to Cancer Moon, is getting on with the details of life, and moving forward. It knows the emotions are there, but won’t always give them the weight and time that they are due.

First Capricorn Moon makes a trine to Taurus Uranus. This is an helpful and earthy transit that may bring forth some real-world realizations and frank ideas. Taurus Uranus lends insight– perhaps a thought or detail that wasn’t necessarily considered that will help Capricorn Moon do what it does best: move on and move forward. Remember Moon is rooted in our bodies, and our bloodlines, and it will help us keep moving on.

Another beneficial trine with Taurus Sun as our spirit and egoic selves are boosted by Capricorn Moon’s capacity to climb mountains. There is a languid and relaxed nature to Capricorn Sun– a long awaited rest period after the crazy changes during Aries season. Capricorn Moon asks us to move a little– but in a way that Taurus sun can get behind– Taurus sun wants to stop, sustain and secure, and Capricorn Moon is on brand, just a bit busier about it. How are you seeing ways to emotionally move forward? How can you move forward in a way that still feels relaxed?

Capricorn Moon then squares Aries Jupiter. Cardinal squares happen to initiate change. Aries Jupiter is ending its turn through Aries where our beliefs about our selves, and personal ideas of expansion have been challenged. Capricorn Moon wants us to adopt these changes in our bodies and lifestyles instead of naval gazing into our own psyche for eternity. Expansion with no contraction is infinite growth; something we can barely even wrap our heads around. Capricorn Moon will keep us grounded in our bodies, and the real world and won’t let our egos get out of check. Sometimes, however, this can be a bit of a bummer.

Aquarius Moon conjuncts Pluto at 0 degrees. We are contending with our personal role in humanity, what is being asked of us by Pluto, and what freedom means to each of us within this moment. This transit is both personal and in the larger context. Have you been thinking about your role in the world in this tiny slice of time? I’m not talking as much about your job or career (although this could be part of it) but as a human dealing with other humans– what is your gift? Where is your magic? How can you bring this little part of you into your interactions as we face more change as a species?

Thursday May 11

Aquarius Moon square Taurus North Node @ 3 degrees

12:39 am PST/ 3:29 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Mercury @ 6 degrees

5:44 am PST/ 8:44 am EST

We have some strange emotions and cycles sometimes. Ways in which we are truly different from others. Ways we know set us apart or make us weirdos. But the funny thing about Aquarius–is that we are all weirdos- together. A collection of them. What makes us weird and seek freedom is the same impulse that makes us all need each other. That impulse is making a fixed square with North node. We have to unpack our weirdness, our desire for freedom, and the impulse that ricochets us back in the collective; in order to fulfill our future mission. We check our impulse to sustain our future. We must consider everyone to include ourselves. We are a paradox on a fragile planet. What can you see about your own role in this paradox. What are you willing to do for it?

Another fixed square between Moon and Mercury. How is your way of thinking dug-in and stubborn? What can’t you concede? Better yet– what won’t you concede? How about your feelings– how much of that is coming from a paradigm that “no one will understand you?” If you have decided you won’t let anyone into your weirdness, you don’t allow them to know you, see you, or be a part of your world. That might feel safer, but it’s the devil you know, and not at all the truth of the matter. Being known is scary and vulnerable and Moon already feels pretty vulnerable without all this Aquarius loner/ weirdo business to contend with. Conversely, perhaps it is safest for you– right now– to keep a little distance. Perhaps Mercury, still in retrograde, is making you really consider where and where not to share.

Friday May 12

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees

3:12 am PST/ 6:12 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Sun @ 21 degrees

7:27 am PST/ 10:27 am EST

Cancer Venus trine Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees

11:57 pm PST/ May 13th 2:57 am EST

This Moon makes a fixed square with Taurus Uranus. Something is going to surprise you emotionally– and that could be an event, thought, or realization. Fixed energy doesn’t like to move, and when it squares off it’s like friction and difficult to squeeze through. Aquarius Moon will try and freeze out but we’ll look to Taurus Uranus to grease the gears in some way. Emotionally we might be hiding our selves but Taurus Uranus will likely tease something out of you. At least– tease something out that you can see.

To further this Taurean square theme– Moon squares Sun. Emotionally the cold moon, who wants distance, will have to contend with the sensual Sun. This Sun likes to receive as much as give, and the cold Moon might struggle under all this light and attention. Sun might do a great job of warming up the emotions, but that could trip something up for this Moon– who likes to hide in plain sight. Make sure your ego and spirit consider the big picture of emotional safety for you. How can you trust your own impulses? What scares you about showing your emotions?

Cancer Venus makes a water trine to Saturn in Pisces- this beneficial energy will hit you emotionally and deep within your waters. Cancer Venus wants to value and nurture, and this is helped by Saturn’s desire that we work hard and deal with what really matters, what makes us a part of the whole. Saturn in Pisces is a powerful placement for artistry, so perhaps you want to explore your artistic self and impulses, Venus will love to assist and nurture your creations, and will love to help create a container for such work. Remember, Saturn is about work, and there is something to master here, emotionally, spiritually, and within the ocean of possibilities.

Saturday May 13

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn (trine Cancer Venus) @ 6 degrees

8:11 am PST/ 11:11 am EST

We are still working with that trine with Pisces Saturn and Cancer Venus, but now Moon gets in the mix. Whatever you didn’t get, or didn’t see, or didn’t feel yesterday will come to some kind of culmination today. This is a lot of water energy, and that means you might be contending with some deep emotional flotsam and jetsam. This is a beneficial vibe all round, but that doesn’t mean it’s fun. This is a deeply psychic and creative transit, if ever there was a time to check in with your guides, it’s likely now.

What feelings have you been avoiding feeling? How can you make “feeling” safe for yourself? What can you create–just for you? What are you learning from yourself?

Sunday May 14

Pisces Moon trine Cancer Mars @ 26 degrees

7:30 pm PST/ 10:30 pm EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 27 degrees

7:56 pm PST/ 10:56 pm EST

Mercury Stations Direct in Taurus @ 5 degrees

8:17 pm PST/ 11:17 pm EST

Some watery transits today as Pisces Moon trines Cancer Mars. Mars wants to move energy that’s being stored under pressure and Pisces Moon is tapped into the field. This trine either helps Mars express in a healthy way, or helps the body contend with the overwhelming psychic knowing it’s tapping into. Moon and Mars can work well together, and sometimes that means that emotions will be expressed, and sometimes that will feel vulnerable. Cancer Mars will know how to mitigate the risks and move with precision and care.

Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune next to allow for some real source-energy magic. Dreams and meditations will be potent, intuition will be on high, and art created will be guided. You may be very confused or unsettled by this energy, but luckily it’s a quick transit and designed to merely remind you of your divinity.

The day ends with Mercury stationing direct in Taurus. What did you learn about during this painfully slow transit, and how did it affect you? Did you have a chance to drill down into something in regards to your way of thinking, knowing, or communicating? What did you learn and what key did it hold for you? How will you move forward– that has changed– for good?

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