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Weekly Transits for- October 9th-15th

Monday October 9th

Leo Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 17 degrees

4:12 am PST/ 7:12 am EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

1:35 pm PST/ 4:35 pm EST

Leo Moon trine Aries North Node @ 24 degrees

6:43 pm PST/ 9:43 pm EST

Virgo Venus opposes Saturn in Pisces @ 1 degree

11:01 pm PST/ October 10th 2:01 am EST

A fire trine with Chiron and Moon suggest that we are working with some personal chutzpah today, a way of knowing what to do instinctually when things get choppy. What have you healed and how has it changed the way you approach your emotions. What would have been difficult before and now you know how to hold?

Next a fixed square with Moon and Uranus suggests that there will be an unexpected upset or surprise that will require you to lead. Perhaps what you experience is not unexpected so much as the outcome, emotions, and fallout are unexpected. Perhaps you weren’t quite prepared for your reaction to the new information or event you are in?

A beneficial fire trine with Moon and North Node means your body is going to point you towards where you need to go almost effortlessly. Perhaps you’ll have an instinct to do or go somewhere, or you’ll get a clear impulse. What are you learning these days about your self, your instincts, and your identity? What’s difficult about this, and at the same time, what is effortless?

Virgo Venus isn’t impressed with shallow and superficial. Virgo Venus values connection in a pure and uncomplicated sense, and can sniff out ulterior motives, or bad behavior quite easily. Saturn in Pisces can be a dreamer, and dabble in abstract concepts and ideas. It is easily influenced even with its boundaries. Although it asks us to do the work, and continue to be held to a spiritual and emotional standard, Virgo Venus may find some of this annoying and potentially sniff out some idealism, delusion, or see how it might be misled. Potentially we have trust issues, even if there is rooted and sincere intentions and results. It’s sometimes hard to connect with what is conceptual, emotional, and inconcrete.

Tuesday October 10th

Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Saturn @ 1 degree

7:05 am PST/ 10:05 am EST

Virgo Moon conjunct Venus @ 1 degree

7:43 am PST/ 10:43 am PST

Pluto direct in Capricorn

10:41 am PST /1:41 pm EST

Libra Sun opposes Chiron Aries @ 17 degrees

11:02 pm PST/ October 11th 2:02 am EST

Moon opposing Saturn means that there might be some need to be mired in details and practical steps to feel safe, and that alternatively there might be work done in the fray that requires you to dilate, or see a bigger picture. This could come as a relationship issue or idea, and that means you could find yourself parsing through the information and trying to find common ground when everything feels rather serious or urgent. There is this idea that you could be mired in your past and approaching things now from that lens. What worries you about your work in the world and what makes you feel like you’ll never get out of a pattern?

Moon conjuncts Venus to hammer home this Virgoan lesson. Something says that you have to do the work and you have to take care of the loose ends to feel the connection and value work for you. Your actual body will become one with your preferences and feelings and that brings you to a place where you need to have everything sorted, understood, and partitioned out.

Pluto, since May, has been retrograde and has come back for its last stay in Capricorn. Now that it’s moving forward, we may see things come to the surface and reveal themselves in the house that you have Capricorn in. You may see some cleanup from the ongoing saga in your life originating in those last few degrees of Capricorn. What are you more than ready to move on from?

Sun in the relationship sign opposes Chiron in the “self” sign. There is personal hurt and identity wounding coming against your sense of self in relationship and the ego that you feel when part of a unit. This is highlighting something that hurts, and it is coming through this opposition; which means it could manifest as a relationship issue. Remember that everyone feels the pain of this wound.

Wednesday October 11th

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 13 degrees

8:05 am PST/ 11:05 EST

Mars enters Scorpio

9:04 pm PST/ October 12th 12:04 am EST

Jupiter wants our body to benefit from a bigger perspective. It’s a small idea working with a bigger concept here, both benefiting each other. This Moon is sorting through truth and ideas that are specific. Taurus Jupiter is asking us to understand value, truth and our true game in the world.

Then our sense of action hones itself into something focused, concrete, and spiritually real. This sense of purpose is about us really empowering our action. What does it mean to be guided and ready? What does it mean to really MEAN it?

Thursday October 12th

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

2:00 am PST/ 5:00 pm EST

Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

8:42 am PST/ 11:42 am EST

Virgo Moon trine Capricorn Pluto @ 27 degrees

1:09 pm PST/ 4:09 pm EST

Moon trines Uranus– a body blessing or some sort of surprise may make its way to you. This is an earth trine and that means that this is some real world concrete thing that may come in the form of your body knowing something that it did not know before. It may be that you have an epiphany or that you figure something out or get an important idea. At any rate this is effortless energy that will help you and move you forward.

Moon then opposes Neptune so you may then find yourself confused or unsure of what happens next. Virgo Moon likes certainty and Pisces Neptune does not. There is a tension between the big oneness and all the parts of you, and this can be spiritually taxing or practically annoying. There is a way to meet in the middle when we experience polarity such as this, but both parties need to be willing to give ground.

Moon then trines Pluto for a push towards initiating something that needs to change. Capricorn Pluto is now moving forward and that means that change is indeed coming or is on our doorstep. This is a trine so whatever power shift or ending coming now is there to help you. Pluto will continue to tour Capricorn before coming back to Aquarius later, so this is a clean up, and a preparation for Saturday's upcoming Solar eclipse. It’s good to thing now what is ending, or needs to go. Virgo Moon will help you know it internally, and specifically. What is your body telling you?

Friday October 13th

Scorpio Mars trine Pisces Saturn @ 0 degrees

5:00 am PST/ 8:00 am EST

This water trine is a blessing. We don’t normally attribute beautiful energy with Saturn and Mars, but this is at the most pure degrees of their signs, 0 degrees. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio so full of beans, as we say, and it’s working with Saturn, our mastery/ taskmaster/ results planet. We are not only in the emotional soup, but with this trine, we are doing it right.

Water trines are oftentimes healing, and collectively we all need some of that, but this isn’t a collective healing moment, this is about our energy and the work we do in the world. This is about our emotional stability and aim, while being about where we’ve put our emotions, and how that’s working in the world. Did we master anything? Is there more work to do? What does this mean spiritually to your existence? What is unclear that remains just emotion. All of this is like a cauldron simmering a sauce. You don’t need to do anything at all but show up where you need to be, for those you need to be there for.

Where has your emotional work been pointed and how can you trust yourself in this journey? You are warming up for tomorrow.

Saturday October 14th

Libra Moon conjunct Mercury @ 16 degrees

1:56 am PST/ 4:56 am EST

Annular Solar (New Moon) South Node Eclipse in Libra @ 21 degrees Libra

10:54 am PST/ 1:54 pm EST

(conjunct Mercury, opposing Chiron)

Libra Mercury opposes Aries Chiron @ 17 degrees

3:21 pm PST/ 6:21 pm EST

Libra Moon conjunct South Node @ 24 degrees

6:10 pm PST/ 9:10 pm EST

Libra Moon square Capricorn Pluto @ 27 degrees

11:59 pm PST/ October 15th 2:59 am EST

Here you are on one of the more potent days of the year. Libra season has you wondering how, why and what– with your relationships. With the nodal axis sitting here between Libra and Aries, you can’t avoid the sculpting going on with these people who make your world.

If you could make a timeline of your important relationships throughout 2023 so far, what would you say about them, and what would you say about your role within them?

First Moon conjuncts Mercury, so your mind and conversations are living and driven by your body. Your body knows things and for a hot minute, it will be calling the shots. Conversations can be driven from a deeper part of you than your brain. Chatter could subside and all of a sudden there is a deeper knowing that is driving down to the heart of the matter until the new moon eclipse.

This eclipse is a sacred new beginning, and it’s happening close to Mercury, the South Node, and also opposing Chiron. There is a lot of old karmic business, and wounding that will inform this moment. There is a lot of letting go involved in the moments leading up to this. The planets have been prepping you, washing you clean, so that your consecrated birthing moment gives you the best shot of making the changes that you need to make. The next 2 weeks are going to change everything.

Eclipse portals are sped up change. This one involves the nodes, of course, because it’s an eclipse, and involves Mercury and Chiron in opposition. There is knowledge, wounding, and healing to contend with during this fated appointment.

The question is not who you are letting go of, but of what. This is less about the relationship and more about you in it.

We get the exact opposition with Mercury and Chiron soon after, and this is an opportunity for a juicy conversation, boundary setting, or potentially, just healing. This might not be fun, but it will be necessary. It will be the only exit to get out of the building.

Moon will then conjunct the South Node to ensure that the body is on board with these changes. Whatever you are being asked to know, with certainty, to carry through your mission these next few weeks, will belabor the point.

And just in case you don’t quite get it, or you are prone to burying your head in the sand about your relationships with others, Pluto Capricorn will be squared by this Moon. There is actual obliteration and power dynamics on the menu. Don’t be scared by this. There are so many thought patterns we all carry that do not serve us. This is a baptism, and you are ready.

Sunday October 15th

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 0 degrees

5:40 am PST/ 8:40 am EST

Scorpio Moon conjunct Mars @ 2 degrees

8:34 am PST/ 11:34 am EST

From now on, for a few weeks, we’re in the eclipse portal and the Scorpio Moon is going to help us clean our our closets with the beneficial and healing waters of Pisces Saturn. This Saturn says we must do spiritual work, and we must plunge into the deep to go where we need to go. Scorpio Moon is investigative and sensitive. It will penetrate deep inside your cycles to identify what is trauma based, what is belief based, and what is just the deal we were given. We won’t be able to spiritually bypass what is coming up for us, and some of it can be deeply hurtful. But that hurt was there the whole time. We were just pretending it wasn’t there.

Moon then conjuncts Mars as our motions and actions become one with our bodies. Some of us have chronic pain and this could come to a fever pitch under these conditions. Some of us simply have learned to live with something that we can no longer live with and we are being asked to move, or flush out this unwanted passenger in our body or soul. Scorpio is focused and precise. What is coming up in you that must be moved?

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