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Weekly Transits for the Week of August 15th -21st (referencing PST timezone)

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Sunday August 15th

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 16 degrees

Aries Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 8 degrees

Tuesday August 17th

Taurus Moon square Leo Venus @ 7 degrees

Sun apex of yod 24 degree Leo, with Neptune @ 24 degrees in Pisces and Pluto at 26 degrees in Capricorn

Wednesday August 18th

Yod continues

Taurus Moon conjunct NN, 17 degrees, Uranus @ 18 degrees/ Square Saturn @ 21 degrees Aquarius

Leo Venus Trine Aries Jupiter @ 8 degrees

Taurus Moon square Aquarius Saturn @ 21 degrees/ trines Mercury in Virgo @ 21 degrees at the same time

Taurus Moon square Leo Sun @ 26 degrees and Trining Pluto in Capricorn @ 26 degrees

Thursday August 19th

Yod continues

Moon Conjunct Mars in Taurus at 29 degrees (slight square to Leo sun at 26 degrees)

Saturday August 20th

Mars enters Gemini

Yod continues with Sun now at 27 degrees

Virgo Mercury opposite Pisces Neptune @ 24 degrees

Sunday August 21st

Gemini Moon Square Virgo Mercury @ 25 degrees

Yod with Capricorn Pluto at Apex with Sun @ 28 degrees Leo, Moon moving through Gemini 23- 28 degrees

Reflection from last week (Skip to long form below for this weeks transits)

Lion’s Gate Portal week saw my best friend (who’s Leo sun has only one aspect which is a trine to Neptune) visiting me for the week. It’s been so much fun! Before he got here–on the 8th– I had an argument with my housemate which felt pretty on-edge. This was the Mars/ Saturn square which I dubbed “Frustration Station.” I have Saturn in Leo, and the sun was directly conjunct on this day. This argument centred around boundaries, which is something I have been working on in the last few years, and I’m not especially skilled at it. My housemate is a Leo Ascendant who has had Pluto directly on her Sun and Mercury recently (she gets one more round when it goes direct) so while we are very close we’re still learning how to communicate well with each other. The argument wasn’t a huge deal and we came to a good conclusion.

On the 9th Jupiter squared Capricorn Moon, and we had the Venus/ Pluto opposition. With my best friend visiting, we had a very deep, loving, and transformative conversation where I believe we came to a new understanding about each other and our respective journeys during 2020. Both of us went through “dark nights of the soul” and we did so while socially isolating together. This conversation was a breakthrough between us. Pluto is quite strong in my chart and Venus rules his first house. I felt very seen, and it was healing.

August 11th was a big birthday bash at my house for my best friend. With the astrology of the day, I felt mad curiosity for how it would turn out. It was an amazing night of friendship, food, a fire pit, good conversation and a beautiful ripe full Aquarius moon. Saturn had me working my tail off to stay on top of the hosting, the dishes etc.

Between August 12-15th, my friends and I went to a vacation house to relax., hence the lateness of this post.The energy amongst us was pleasant, fun, chatty. Fixed summer energy makes sense for vacationing and