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Investigate Your Wicked Problem


Do you have an area of life that needs investigation? Do you want to hear guidance through a tough decision. Let's spend an hour doing a deep dive. We do not tell the future or outcomes, but we will look at your issue through the eyes of your guides.

Learn About Your Unique Blueprint.


We will spend 1.5 hours discussing the factors and placements in your chart that make you unique. 1 week notice required for preparation- please email with your birth date, birth place and country, and your most accurate birth time, as well as your name, and any areas of focus you are most interested in.

The birth/natal chart is the basis upon which all other types of readings are based upon, and contain a lot of information about the energetics that make up your personality. They are not finite and can move and evolve.

Prerequisite: Birth Chart Reading

We’ll spend 1.5 hours doing a deep dive into the factors and energetics that are more challenging in your chart. We’ll look at how you can lean into these challenges and traumas that may feel particularly fated, unfair, or traumatic. Wounding is part of every birth chart, and it is often the fuel that propels us to act. Sometimes you may be dealing with a particularly difficult transit, and it helps to know how to work with that energy, and what it wants from you. We’ll talk about how you can use this energy to move forward.

Birth Chart Reading beforehand is not required, but recommended.

Online through Zoom we will sit for 1.5 hours to investigate the themes and trends that the luminaries and planets have in store for you for the year ahead. Birth date, time, and place required. 


Prerequisite: Birth Chart Reading

We’ll spend an hour looking at whatever you want in your chart- transits, predictions, best times to do things. Whatever comes up. It’s always great to know ahead of time any specific questions you may have (is this for love? Career?) but not essential. 

If you are looking for the best dates- to buy a house, get married, move, we can look at options and work to find you auspicious times.

Image by 🐣 Luca Iaconelli 🦊
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