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What are you here to do in this life?


If the world is ending, and we're in a mass extinction, what is the point in all of this?

I have found astrology to be incredibly helpful in sense-making. I want to share this beautiful ancient art with you, so you can carry your purpose through the incredibly difficult landscape we are living in.

Through astrology, you can learn about your karma, your aligned path, or what factors supported some of the challenges you have encountered in life. 


Please consider a reading with me if:


  • You are confused about your “career” in the middle of a climate emergency

  • You have struggled with addictions and trauma and can’t seem to transcend it

  • You can’t seem to get over your anger or hurt over something that occurred

  • You wonder why love is eluding you

  • You feel stuck in a pattern you can't get out of

  • You can’t find your way in this world

  • You are simply feel called to work with me


Disclaimer: My readings are not meant to replace work or advice from a healthcare professional, and should not be seen as such. If you struggle with mental health, please do not substitute my guidance for professional care.  


Image by Sergi Viladesau


Do you have a decision to make? Are you wondering what to do?


People come to tarot for a variety of reasons, but usually because they want help making some sort of decision, they want confirmation about a path they are taking, or they want some help to support them through a difficult patch. 


Tarot is an intuitive tool to explore energy for a question or idea that comes up right away.


My readings intend to put you in touch with your inner guidance. Capitalism, colonization, domestication has all diverted us away from our natural gifts, but those gifts are there and accessible for all. 


Tarot guidance is to support you, not scare you. Life is scary enough, and your guides are here to help you. You will learn something practical, because if you can’t take it forward, then what is the point?


I am not a fortune teller, I believe the future is pure potential, so while I may get guidance about an outcome, I do not read to report on your future. I read for the present moment. Also: I do not read for people who are not present with me. If you have a relationship question, the guidance that will come, will be guidance for you specifically in relation to that person.


Finally, despite the imagery on the cards, there are no “bad” cards. The entire premise of our readings will be founded in the idea of expansion and contraction. Contraction is necessary for expansion, and vice versa. It’s a beautiful thing--but none of it-- when embraced, is easy.

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