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Image by Dario Brönnimann
A Picture of Astro Anarchist Astrologer and tarot reader woman


My name is Liz and I'm a settler with Scottish/ British lineage in the place now known as Vancouver. I'm a cis, fat, pansexual witch. My leftist-activist, atheist, and suburban upbringing-- while somewhat privileged-- did not provide me the guidance I needed to be in the world. Dubbed “too sensitive” and “too emotional” from a young age, I tried theatre, political activism, drinking a lot, moving a lot, and “getting a grown up job” until I came upon the spiritual crisis known as the Saturn Return.


Since then, through plant medicine and spiritual work, meditation, tarot, yoga, death doula training, and a lot of astrology I have dived deep within myself to find my purpose, authenticity, and connection.  

I am now in the middle of my Uranus opposition. I am guided by my ancestors, the principles of decolonization, and the lineages of my mentors.** My purpose, it turns out, is to help you make sense of your own unique path.


This is something deeper than your next windfall or whether or not your co-worker "likes" you back. You are here to do something bigger, and more meaningful than watching shows all night. Equally, some of the greatest things we do are our most humble, private, and practical acts. This work isn’t fancy; it’s real magic.

I want to put you in touch with that part of yourself and sort through the noise of capitalism, the patriarchy, colonization, and trauma, so you can remember who you really are.


Life is difficult, traumatic, unfair, and heartbreaking at times.  My goal is to help you recover, thrive, and remember your divinity.


**With Gratitude and reverence I recognize people and lineages I have learned from, and which influence my work:


Pulxaneeks Love Indigenous Allyship

Soul Tarot by Lindsay Mack

Astro Butterfly  

Richard Tarnas

Jennifer Mallmes Death Doula

Bia Labate & the team at Chacruna

Gabor Mate

Kate Sutherland

Lisa Gibson

Darcy Riddell

Julian Gonzalez

Val Hemminger

Image by Jack B


  1. I read from a lens that is highly critical of late-stage capitalism. I believe climate change is real and a product of larger forces at work. I also participate in capitalism as the dominant system out of necessity. There is no judgement here of individuals who are just trying to survive. I believe in the #landback movement and support indigenous sovereignty movements globally.

  2. My paradigm is that trauma is the root of addiction and many of the world’s ailments, including climate change. I have learned that you can heal and work with your trauma, and the trauma in your bloodline, and that it serves a special purpose for your role on earth.

  3. I come from the paradigm that “we” as a collective can change. Change and resilience are our birthwright.

  4. You have infinite, divine knowledge within you and I hope to help you access that through these readings.

  5. My goal is to help you move from anxiety, pain and panic into a more confident worldview. It doesn’t mean that it will be easy, or that I will tell you exactly what you want to hear.

  6. The framework of my readings starts with the belief that you have come forth in this karmic incarnation to do something significant. Let’s find out what it is. 

  7. The most humble acts are the most important.

  8. Your power as an individual is part of the whole.

  9. You are part of a divine network of changemakers that will help lead us into the future.

  10. My readings are rooted in anti-racism, decolonization practice, with an intersectional lens. I am also fallible and may make mistakes from time to time. I am committed to improving, learning, and growing. I appreciate your constructive feedback.

  11. I bow to my teachers and the lineages we have learned from. I have had the priviledge to learn from animist healers of the world on both sides of the veil. I sit in awe and humility at the knowledge systems of my ancestors and am standing on the shoulders of giants. Thank you/ Namaste/ tapadh leath/ go raibh maith agat.

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