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Using Astrology to Work Through Trauma: Harnessing Planetary Cycles

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Astrological Clock

We all have trauma. For some of us, it's accumulated trauma; small incidents over time that equal something major, patterns or cycles that have repeated over time. For others, there could be a significant incident that happened, that shifted trust. We may look at one person’s trauma and think well I’ve never been through anything that bad, I don’t have trauma. However, we all have significant moments in our lives where our understanding of the world was forever altered, and we did not have the skills to cope. We were all children once, learning from the world around us, may have found ourselves in a situation or pattern that scared or altered our view of how things worked. This could have happened in adulthood too. Without having the vocabulary, we experienced the trauma and then found a way to normalize it. We moved on.

A signature of trauma is confusion. Of not trusting ourself or our way of seeing things.

Astrology is a system of understanding planetary cycles and energies that connect to our understanding of time. The planets, luminaries, and asteroids that we work with in astrology correspond to our psyche, and when we were born, their placement in the sky correlated with a blueprint of how we experience and interact with the world.

These planets are constantly in relationship with each other as they cycle around the Sun, and from our view on earth, we experience their motion from an earth-based view. An easy example is our experience of day and night. The Sun is always there, burning brightly, but as the earth turns, we experience night and day, and all the earthly correlations between these cycles. Some animals hunt only at night. Some plants open to receive dew at night and close during the day. That’s astrology.

Back to humans. People have been observing these cycles for thousands of years, and noting the patterns and sequences. Planets don’t cause things to happen, but they follow a divine cycle that can be learned and understood, and help us predict what sequence that we may be in. We notice that– for example– people act with more intensity around the Full Moon. This is common knowledge, but it is also astrology.

Understanding how your planetary blueprint works, and how the energies of the planets affect them, can help you understand the meaning behind what is happening to you at a particular time, and what lesson you might be asked to learn. We can look at past examples of these cycles and look at what happened at those times, and look at how this may have affected you. If we look at certain planets that are known for more challenging cycles, we can understand some of the factors, energies, and situations that are affecting you.

As astrologers, we will never feed you a magic bullet, or a solution– we aren’t going to tell you how to solve a problem. You are still responsible for how you react and move through the storm. What we will arm you with is a reminder of your strengths, a timeline of the cycle itself, and ways you can work with energy that feels crunchy or insurmountable. We can help you see connections about what is happening and where it might be pointing you, and how-- instead of fighting what is present-- you can progress. We will help to illuminate the divine path you are on, and help you see how you can harness your strength to work through it.

Astrology has many avenues. It is embedded in health systems, relationship lessons, all of nature, and even world politics. It’s a divine code, like the Fibonacci sequence, that helps us understand how things work. As an astrologer, I am able to see something coming and I cannot stop the inevitable. But what I can do is use this system to make choices that feed my blueprint, and my soul. I can realize where I am, and choose accordingly. This is why using astrology to work through trauma can be especially powerful.

The good news is: you are already living your destiny, and your trauma (however painful) is a part of the design of being human. This is how we expand our consciousness, how we grow, how we become more as individuals, as families, as societies, as humans. Taking something very difficult and heartbreaking and using it as fuel to move yourself forward is the ultimate flex. Astrology is about patterns, timing, and energy. It’s about finding the trust in yourself and your path, and you can use that to propel you into your future.

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