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Weekly Transits for August 1-7, 2022 referencing PST time

Cheat sheet

Monday 1st August

Uranus/ North Node/ Mars conjunct Taurus (a bit of fixed square energy with Saturn at 22 degrees Aquarius

Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Neptune

Yod energy Leo Mercury @ 25 apexing Capricorn Pluto @ 27 degrees and Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

Tuesday 2nd August

Libra Moon opposite Jupiter in Aries @ 8 degrees Mars / Uranus conjunction, 18 degrees

Wednesday 3rd August

Libra Moon opposite Chiron in Aries @ 16 degrees

Libra Moon Square Venus in Cancer @ 20 degrees

Libra Moon Squares Pluto in Capricorn @ 26 degrees

Thursday 4th August

Mercury enters Virgo

Friday 5th August

Scorpio Moon Square Leo Sun @ 12 degrees

Scorpio Moon Opposite North Node + Uranus in Taurus @ 18 degrees

Scorpio Moon Opposite Taurus Mars @ 21 degrees

Scorpio Moon Square Saturn in Aquarius @ 22 degrees

Saturday 6th August

Sagittarius Moon Square Mercury in Virgo @ 4 degrees

Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius @ 22 degrees

Sunday 7th August

Square continues

Reflection from last week

The mutable square of Gemini Moon and Pisces Neptune at 25 degrees last Monday had me struggling to make sense of things. There was a list of things I wanted to accomplish and I accomplished very little of that list. I got into an argument with someone and had to set a big boundary with her. I felt a lot of anger well up and I’ve had to process that for several days as I leave a volunteer gig and community that I used to love. In hindsight it may have to do with mercury transiting my natal Saturn in Leo, which sets off a fire trine/ kite formation in my chart.

Tuesday July 26th energy was a bit wild with Fixed square of Mercury in Leo and Mars in Taurus as well as Moon conjunction Venus in Cancer. A friend broke down in tears as she felt that fixedness; her business feels stuck and it doesn’t matter how hard she works, something isn’t working. I had a relatively social evening.

I’m wondering if it’s Leo Mercury, Mars in Taurus– or both– that has me unable to plan or focus, or move forward. Usually I thrive off planning things out, and getting organized in this way, but something is making me tired, unfocused and “out to lunch.” I feel distracted and day dreamy, but also, a bit impotent. I’m a strategy person usually, however unable to move into the future right now.

Wednesday was more fixed energy, but somehow less stifling. At least, there were incremental gains forward, they’re just not that big (Mars in Taurus?) And it’s hot and summery. I have in my head all these practises and rituals to start doing, but unsure if there’s any point in the summer heat. Of course there is a point-- but somehow I have little impetus. I feel tied down by these fixed squares and find myself wasting a lot of time wondering how to start doing things, rather than doing them. I don’t have any personal planets or angles in Fixed signs, but I do have Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn and Uranus.

During the new moon, I didn’t sleep well– too many dreams, felt so tired…again.

My (long) weekend was spent with many social interactions. I heard many interesting tales about incredible North Node, Uranus, Mars conjunction, although I found myself helping others with its energy more than seeing the energy come into play personally.