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Weekly Transits for September 19th-25th 2022 (referencing PST time zone)


Monday September 19

Libra Mercury retrograde opposes Aries Jupiter @4 degrees

Cancer Moon Squares Aries Chiron @ 15 degrees

Virgo Sun Trine Capricorn Pluto @ 26 degrees

Brief Yod: Aquarius Saturn @ 19 degrees apexes inconjuncts to Cancer Moon @18 degrees & Virgo Venus at 18 degrees

Tuesday September 20

Mystic Rectangle: Cancer Moon @25 degrees, Virgo Sun @ 27 degrees, Capricorn Pluto @ 26 degrees, Pisces Neptune @ 23 degrees

Cancer Moon opposite Capricorn Pluto (in the mystic rectangle) @ 26 degrees

Wednesday September 21

Leo Moon Trine Aries Chiron @ 14 degrees

Leo Moon Square Taurus NN @ 15 degrees

Thursday September 22

Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Saturn @ 19 degrees

Moon @ 24 degrees Leo apex of short yod with inconjuncts Capricorn Pluto @ 26 degrees and Neptune @ 23 degrees Pisces

Sun enters Libra

Friday September 23

Sun conjunct Mercury @ 0 degrees

Mercury RX dips into Virgo

Virgo Venus opposes Pisces Neptune @ 23 degrees

Saturday September 24

Brief Yod with Virgo Moon as Apex @ 16 degrees, inconjunct Aquarian Saturn @ 19 degrees and Aries Chiron @ 14 degrees

Virgo Moon square Gemini Mars @ 17 degrees

Virgo Moon opposes Piscean Neptune @ 23 degrees

Virgo Moon conjunct Venus @ 24 degrees

Sunday September 25

Virgo Moon conjunct Venus @ 25 degrees

Virgo Moon conjunct Mercury @ 27 degrees

(Quadruple conjunction with Sun, Moon, Venus Mercury all in Virgo)

New Moon @ 2 degrees Libra (Opposite Aries Jupiter @ 3 degrees)

Venus 26 degrees & Mercury 27 degrees conjunct in Virgo Trine Capricorn Pluto @ 26 degrees

Reflections from Last Week (Skip down to long form Weeklies for this week's astro-weather) Monday September 12th The day wasn't particularly notable except I felt unsaid conflict was in my sphere. I didn't know how to deal with it and generally spent a lot of time bracing myself for conflict that never materialized. I think the Moon and Chiron conjunction really had a lot to do with it. Exercise was a blessing and generally soothed me. I slept like a champion.

Wednesday September 14th A strange day. In general I was feeling overall pretty good. I didn’t feel needy or dependent or angry, or annoyed, and in general, that’s a good day. Taurus Moon was the big actor of Wednesday's show, and showing me some part of my future, where it's clear I will have to extend my love and patience further than I thought possible.

Thursday September 15th I had said "this Mars wants to move in 60 directions but Virgo Venus wants it to focus on what's most important and what's