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Weekly Transits May 1- May 7th 2023

Monday May 1

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 18 degrees

12:38 am PST/ 3:38 am EST

Pluto Stations retrograde until October 10th 0 degrees

10:05 am PST/ 1:05 EST

Virgo Moon square Gemini Venus @ 23 degrees

10:31 am PST/ 1:31 am EST

Taurus Sun conjunct Mercury @ 11 degrees

4:27 pm PST/ 7:27 pm EST

Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

4:52 pm PST/ 7:52 pm EST

Libra Moon trine Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

11:50 pm PST/ May 2nd 2:50 am EST

Today we’ve got some serious earth sign action. Earth signs are practical, grounded and realistic. They have a structure. The first day of May wants us to be real, and work with what is actually on the menu.

Virgo Moon makes a beneficial trine to Taurus Uranus. Some truth will be revealed to us, perhaps emotionally, perhaps physically, and perhaps it will jump into our noggin and tell us what we need to know. Whatever truth it is that we get, it will be helpful, and practical.

Pluto in Aquarius will station retrograde until October and that means we will watch the transformer dip one last time into Capricorn. This retrograde action is part of a bigger story that we may only be thinking about half the time. We are part of these shifts and movements even if they aren’t personal. Any ingress by any planet will be marked with the zero degree aspect pureness of this placement, or the urgency of Capricorn @ 29 degrees. We will see, in the next 5 months, where humanity is shifting us.

Then Virgo Moon squares Gemini Venus. Our feelings and emotions will get some work. Virgo Moon is hypervigilant and very aware. There are emotional triggers that come up and they are very real to Virgo Moon. Gemini Venus is less aware, more flighty, and very curious. It wants to connect and learn, and Virgo Moon wants to serve. Virgo Moon will try to perfect something inwardly, and Gemini Venus will be looking around outwardly. If they can find the middle path, they will be golden, but likely there will be a push and pull between both of them trying to understand which connection is the most valuable. The one within or the one without. Both are ruled by Mercury-- currently in retrograde, so they are both coming from the same source, in a way.

The larger story arc is that Mercury (which is retrograding through Taurus) will conjunct the Sun. There is a solid knowing here that is confident and aware. What has been on your mind lately? Have you really had to think something out, and really deliberate? Whatever comes now, today, is likely going to be valuable and aligned insight. There is a lot to learn from yourself, your process, and your mind today. The best advice? Pay attention.

Virgo Moon will oppose Pisces Neptune- there will be some push and pull between these polarities. Something specific will cause a whole flurry of confusion. Or something will stick in your craw that you can’t let go of, and you don’t know why. Or, more likely, this will pass with barely a thought, but an inkling or yearn.

To round out the day we have an air trine at 0 degrees with Pluto and the newly Libra Moon. This is personal and humanity level stuff. The air is there to give us insights, brain work and a “why.” Moon is connecting us to the past, our cycles, and our way of connecting with others. Pluto is saying “what did we miss that is vital for transformation?” There is a big process going on and you are but a mere mortal in its grip. At least look at your thought patterns while you experience this energy, and understand both your ephemeral and eternal sides. You are both.

Tuesday May 2

It doesn’t happen often, but there are no real aspects to speak of today. We have some big Taurus energy with a stellium of Uranus, Sun, Mercury and North Node. Taurus is fixed earth, it’s low, sustaining, and provides a big base. We have Moon in Libra, Pluto in Aquarius, and Venus in Gemini representing the air element. Mars in Cancer, and Saturn and Neptune in Pisces are representing water and fire is being represented by Chiron and Jupiter in Aries. Right now there is an element of slight balance in the zodiacal wheel as we approach a pretty big eclipse on Friday in Scorpio.

This day is magic to take stock of what’s happening for you. You are coming to the end of an eclipse portal and Mercury is still retrograde. Taking time to smell the air, take stock, and appreciate what is here is good medicine. The week will intensify, but today spend extra seconds on your hug, spend a moment really tasting your coffee, take some deep outdoor breaths and be thankful for that too.

Today has no notable astrology per se, but a precise purpose in your life. It could be the most important day ever by being a mundane Tuesday when something clicks inside of you that you remember forever. With all that Taurus energy, the ground is ready for your seeds.

Wednesday May 3

Libra Moon square Cancer Mars @ 20 degrees

2:10 pm PST/ 5:10 pm EST

Libra Moon opposite Aries Chiron @ 17 degrees

8:19 am PST/ 11: 19 am PST

Moon square Mars today suggests there will be some sort of friction between needing to express emotions and needing to suppress them for the greater good. This Moon wants fairness and justice for all and might be intimidated or uncomfortable with passive aggressiveness, or pent up emotionality coming through Cancer Mars. Sometimes these things become a jumble of all kinds of complicated things.

Cancer Mars is not always great at directing energy, and usually will tend towards storing it. If there is anger, aggression, lust, or anything otherwise uncomfortable, it will gather up and potentially explode. Explosions from Cancer can mean waterworks. It can also mean battling the hatches and fortifying the gates. If you are on the outside of those gates, the silence can feel pretty aggressive.

Libra Moon is not so great at being decisive but great at considering others. Emotionally Libra likes balance, harmony, and fairness. And this is a great thing until a stand needs to be made. Libra sometimes will err on the side of emotionally not supporting the injured party because of its macro view of a situation.

I spend some time here on this because we are still in the eclipse portal and inching towards a full Scorpio Moon which will ask us to really face some of this stuff. Mercury is retrograding so slowly through Taurus. We are having to really understand our thinking and reactions. How are you reacting when things come up?

Deliberating and-equality focused Libra Moon is dealing with something. It feels like it has to appease others, and yet it is faced with the identity wounding and what personal needs intersect with helping others. What is your commitment to others, and what is your commitment to yourself? How can you bridge the two-- and is there a way get coalescence?

Thursday May 4

Libra Moon trine Gemini Venus @ 26 degrees

12:54 am PST/ 3:54 am EST

Libra Moon opposite Aries Jupiter @ 27 degrees

2:16 am PST/ 5:16 am EST

Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

8:11 am PST/ 11:11 am EST

Gemini Venus square Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

10:39 am PST/ 1:39 pm EST

Scorpio Moon oppose Taurus North Node @ 3 degrees

2:10 pm PST/ 5:10 pm EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 5 degrees

5:53 pm PST/ 8:53 pm EST

This morning starts with a beneficial air trine with Moon and Venus. Communication and emotions look great as there is a beneficial understanding between these two air signs. Connectivity is based in curiosity and reactions and nervous system is based in harmony. These two protect each other from being too emotional, too practical, or too tempestuous.

Moon then opposes Aries Jupiter. Libra Moon is concerned with relationships so there might be something going on with others, and how we personally react to them. Interesting that Aries Jupiter is concerned with our identity, but within the collective– how we can expand our idea of self far beyond what we think we can be. Libra Moon is concerned with our emotional and nervous systems but sees them in the context of relationships with others. So there’s sort of an infinity loop here of energy- who we are, who we believe ourselves to be in the world, the person that is the sum total of our bloodline and an animal that needs to be fed, clothed, and housed, and an animal that needs others and relationships to survive. Being all of that at the same time is exhausting, and yet, here we are, all doing it anyway!

A fixed square between Scorpio Moon and Aquarius Pluto makes things– likely– a bit tough. If you’re like me you are already feeling the approaching eclipse in Scorpio and it’s already a real emotional ride. This quick transit is here to give you a taste of what’s going on, Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio so will be working alongside moon to prep you for tomorrow. A cleansing/ reckoning/ catharsis is afoot. There is something to let go of, and it’s vital for you to move forward. Aquarius Pluto is there to bring you closer to humanity’s story and Moon in Scorpio is highly sensitive and personal. You are probably already starting to let go of something even if you don’t quite see it yet.

Gemini Venus square Pisces Neptune is buzzing with curiosity and plunged into an ocean. There is not a lot of sensemaking to do with this mutable square, and mainly it’s opening to change that is on the horizon. This Venus wants to connect, and learn, and Pisces Neptune wants to dream, absorb, and feel oneness. This might be a great artistic duo, but likely not a great one for clarity.

Scorpio Moon opposes the North Node meaning it is in conjunction with the South Node. Our ancestral baggage will be routed between our past and future. Whatever habits and patterns we walked into life with, this moon wants to help us clear them out– or at least the ones that are holding us back from our future purpose. Try to keep an open heart with this. Loss, and clearing is a tough and sometimes scary process.

A water trine between Scorpio Moon and Pisces Saturn is really helping us connect with what hurts, what is not working emotionally, and the work we need to do. This is a beneficial trine but maybe it doesn’t feel so great, with all that water, and Moon and Saturn. The good news is that this eclipse portal is meant to carry you to your purpose– and so is Pisces Saturn. So whatever is happening, no matter how it feels, it is for you and your work. This will take a tremendous amount of trust on your part, especially if this hurts.

Friday May 5

Scorpio Moon opposite Taurus Mercury@ 9 degrees

12:15 am PST/ 3:15 am EST

Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio @ 14 degrees

10:34 am PST/ 1:33 pm EST

Scorpio Moon opposite Taurus Uranus @ 18 degrees

5:13 pm PST/ 8:13 pm EST

Scorpio Moon trine Cancer Mars @ 21 degrees

8:50 pm PST/ 11:50 pm EST

Scorpio Moon is the cleaning crew today. It’s like a big power washer for your heart and soul. Tell yourself that when it gets rough. Or maybe you just want the stains GONE and it feels cathartic. First Scorpio Moon does an opposition with retrograde Taurus Mercury to put a spotlight on your way of thinking as this energy intensifies. This fixed energy can sometimes feel like being pinned down and on display when really you want to run away and hide. There might be a personal struggle between thoughts and feelings, rationale and emotion, communication and personal triggers. What have you been struggling to say or understand?

After this opposition we have the full moon eclipse in Scorpio. This is a big spray out. There is a big LED light exposing all the cracks, dirt, and stains that you’ve been carrying. It’s time to clean them out. This might be emotional. What have you been dealing with in the last 2 weeks of the eclipse portal? Who are the players? Is it just you or are there people reflecting power dynamics, sensitivities and triggers, or patterns that are being exposed? What do you see now that you did not see before?

Uranus has not been far off of this full moon– which means there may have been some surprises and game changers– but now Scorpio Moon opposes it. Did anything important get dislodged from your psyche? Did something happen between the eclipse and this moment that changed the game– again? Uranus doesn’t give us a lot of inclination about what’s happening, it just initiatives divine wisdom to throw us ON our path. Taurus has really been throwing us the moves, and this will continue all month. What has come into form on earth, and how is that transforming you emotionally?

Scorpio Moon makes a water trine with Mars in Cancer. What needs to happen in order for your emotions to move? Did any anger need to be expressed? Is there a way for you to do it, now, after everything that has transpired? Do you feel a power shift in favor of yourself? Can you trust that just because the emotion is big, doesn’t mean that it will overtake you? Can you trust yourself to do no harm?

Saturday May 6

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

7:37 am PST/ 10:37 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 5 degrees

11:11pm PST /May 7th 2:11 am EST

This powerful Scorpio Moon makes a beneficial trine to Pisces Neptune. It’s cleaned us out with that powerful eclipse yesterday and now works with Neptune to give a vast amount of space internally. Dreams, psychic abilities, meditation and spiritual pursuits will have power and force for you. You may see the world and yourself in a whole new light. You may be contending with emotional clarity that is striking.

Scorpio Moon gives way to Sagittarius Moon where we will be met with fiery optimism. This clarity forged in Scorpio, has power in Sagittarius. Pisces Saturn will square it to keep it rooted on earth. The clarity of your plan, your emotional centre, and your purpose must contain roots in you purpose. Saturn is the taskmaster, and in Pisces is asking us for empathic, spiritually rooted, and highly conscious work. If it is not for everyone it’s not for anyone. There is no room for ego in a school of fish.

Sunday May 7

Venus enters Cancer

7:24 am PST/ 10:24 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 17 degrees

7:36 pm PST/ 10:36 pm EST

The day begins with Venus’s ingress in Cancer. Cancer is highly sensitive and intuitive and lends Venus some superpowers. Venus is already looking at what it loves, and Cancer helps it care and notice what is needed. Cancer is protective and nurturing, and Venus will be emotional here. How do you show love? What do you need to feel safe and comfortable? This will be highlighted through this transit.

Later in the day, a fire trine to ignite us on our purpose, our feelings, and our direction. Both Sagittarius and Aries are bold. Sagittarius Moon has an emotional centre of optimism and motion– it wants to achieve things. Aries Chiron has been doing work on you in the last months to really get clear on your identity wound and where you want to expand. Together these two mix into a beneficial trine where sense can be made. What are you shooting for? What do you know now about your wound, that is informing your body, cycles, and way of being in the world?

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