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April 20th: Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: This Story Is Already Unfolding As I Write This

lightening comes down a tree
The message will be quick and abrupt.

The beginning of Taurus Season comes in with a bang. April 20th 7:27 pm PST we have a rare conjunction of two heavy-hitting planets in Taurus– Jupiter and Uranus– at 21 degrees. The last time they met up in the sign of the bull was 1941. These planets join forces once every 14 years, the last time being a triple between Aries and Pisces in 2010-2011. We ‘ll get triple conjunctions when a retrograde cycle occurs within the conjunction period.

These are slow moving planets; this conjunction has been mounting, and preparing for a while. Its shockwaves will be felt as the conjunction applies and separates. As of April 17th, they will be at the same degree, it will take them a few days to go exact, and then a few more days to separate. 

Taurus is the earth and this is earthquake energy, Uranus is the flash of divine insight and Jupiter is a big expansion, growth and movement. This has big repercussions for change, even though there is a resistance to change embedded within Taurus's vibe. 

Taurus rules the food supply chain, the stock market, agriculture, and the material world. This mounting energy is exciting, revolutionary, expansive, and nonlinear. This speaks to technological advances, windfalls, collective breakthroughs, quantum leaps. Philosophy, hope and optimism come into view.  This is a time to look at what you believe is possible. Remember, my loves, that all growth is uncomfortable, and that we want to try and enjoy the process, but also it won’t be easy. 

This will have collective resonance, and already does. Currencies are changing, markets are changing, our relationship with earth is changing as the climate changes. Uranus presents a lightning flash of insight for us to contend with. It will break something open. Those of us who have planets and points in fixed signs around 21 degrees will likely feel this a little stronger, and those of us with Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aquarius ascendants  may also really see some resonance with the energy.

Jupiter is known as a benefic, and is related to our beliefs. Jupiter in Taurus is expanding our faith, hope, pride, but also our arrogance. Uranus in Taurus is helping us throw out old structures, innovate, and disrupt what isn’t working. There is a revolutionary quality to this conjunction which has seen uprisings (last conjunction we had the Arab Spring, Wikileaks, and the Large Hadron Collider started smashing particles together.) This transit is unpredictable, except that we know it will be disruptive. The question will really become, what does the collective need? And what do we need, individually? Overall the tone is optimistic about this conjunction, but of course this is all conjecture as we wait to see the story unfold.

On a personal level, we might find out that our financial lives, relationship to our land/ home/ the earth is changing or growing. We might find that something lucky happens, or something happens to change our beliefs about the world, or our financial situation. As Mercury and Chiron are separating through the retrograde in Aries, and Venus is approaching Chiron, they are all conjunct, and there is a reckoning of some sort about how we feel, how we think, and how we heal. The Sun moves into Taurus a number of hours before this conjunction, putting our focus on security, land, hard work, and comfort.

This story is already unfolding as I write this. It's in our thoughts and our collective field. We are all feeling its reach as we approach whatever is coming. Upsets, revolutions, and flashes of change are, and always have been destabilizing. The biggest question to ask yourself is about what you believe to true and real, and can you push the edges of that out further?

Horoscopes for this conjunction, based on rising sign/ whole sign house system.

Aries Rising

This conjunction will hit in your 2nd house of assets, and self worth. If you have stocks, or financial investments, this could be an interesting day for the market. If you are owed money, or waiting for some– with an Aries Rising, you might be more comfortable with taking risks, just remember that nothing is guaranteed here, and you may be more prone to the ups and downs. You can’t prepare too much for this transit, but the goal is to get you to higher confidence with your money making skills and values. You need to know your worth. Perhaps your assets will expand, or what you value in yourself might change. Windfalls and unexpected dollars, but so are circumstances that make you have to bring your true self to the table, and do what you do best. 

Taurus Rising

This conjunction hits your 1st house of identity and possibly could conjunct your ascendant. There’s something about your identity and how you see yourself in the world that is very real, very grounded, and concerned with the long haul, and this will be going through an expansion and personal revolution about how you show up in the world. Whatever comes at you with Uranus’s surprise, the goal is to become more yourself, and more secure in what that means. Sometimes we identify too much with being the provider, or someone who follows a linear financial path. Sometimes it’s hard to expand on the idea of the long haul, and what it looks like. This shift will be felt for a long while, and it is as real as it gets. It will make you more you. Can you accept that you are changing?

Gemini Rising

Gemini Rising, this conjunction happens in your 12th house and that might  bring up some ancestral, bloodline stuff, or find you in a situation where you are alone in some situation and forced to really face something you would rather not think about. Issues of security and “having enough,” unconscious food patterns, and the ability to use your voice might present you with something to look at. We inherit so much from our bloodline and adopt it as normal. Uranus’s lightning bolt may seek to question and deepen something you have been carrying without knowing it; a 5 lb weight in your backpack that you didn’t know was there. Expanding your relationship with your unconscious self, you may be able to work on some of these innate fears or bids for inner control. Journaling, meditation, and especially walks in nature will be helpful to you as you experience these ripples. 

Cancer Rising

Cancer Rising. Your 11th house of friends, groups, associations and the collective is where this conjunction happens in your chart. You may find a big shift that changes and augments your participation and membership within the groups that you belong to. This is a house of luck for you, and an area where you work hard, so there could be some surprises around your beliefs about the collective, your need for freedom with groups of friends, your material gains with groups, and how you expand yourself within these larger communities. Big upsets are possible, and if they happen, they are for your highest good. Big growth is also possible. Perhaps you’ll find ways that your friends and groups can help each other, or do more with collective effort. Groups trying to help the environment or save natural areas may find themselves shown the way to do this, or practical steps that need to be taken. Your role within the group may change or shift, and that could start a whole new way of being in community.

Leo Rising

Leo Rising, your career/ public life/ passionate work will see a big shift like no other. You have worked hard and steadily to create what you do and are known for, whether it be owning a business, guiding a family, working a garden, creating beautiful meals for the masses. This wild card will expand your beliefs about your public image and this work that you are known for, and it will make you grow. It could feel like an upset, or even an impulse to burn it all down. Be mindful of what you have worked so hard to achieve, and that can grow it instead of sitting in a consistency that doesn’t work for you. Do you feel secure in this work you are doing, or has there been a big shift that makes you feel exposed? Trust that this will lead to an expansion of what you have worked so hard to achieve, and that it’s what needs to happen to get you to greater security and comfort. 

Virgo Rising

This conjunction is occurring in your 9th house, a place that has you wanting to travel and expand, learn from the masters, or possibly teach what you know. If you’re in higher education, this conjunction may force you to look at what you are learning, or ask you about what you truly believe. If you are learning from a spiritual teacher or modality, you might learn something that changes the game, deepens, or even makes you question what you are learning. The overall plan here is to start a new 14 year cycle, which means it will be helpful to know that whatever makes you question your truth, or beliefs, is supposed to happen to deepen your learning and expansion. If you publish your own work, this could upset your plans, and know that this is for your benefit. If you are planning to travel to another land, and those plans get thwarted, know that this is also part of the divine matrix. Whatever you are working towards is still happening, but in a different way. This is a chance to check in with what you believe.

Libra Rising

Libra Rising, this conjunction will happen in your 8th house of intimacy, power, death, taxes, resources that you own with others. This could feel scary or unnerving, but the fact is, this pressure has been mounting for a while, and your belief system about whatever is going to change needs a reboot. It could be that you’ve been feeling secure about something that was always doubtful, or you didn’t realize that you were giving away your power. Perhaps you trust someone who should not be trusted, or you have been hiding within a relationship or idea that puts you at risk. There will be an unexpected surprise, and that could mean a windfall, or something that deepens the intimacy you feel with someone. This gets into paperwork, such as estate planning and taxes, so you may find yourself with more money than anticipated, or less. No matter what happens, have confidence that this is taking you to a place of greater power and intimacy, even if it doesn’t seem like it yet. 

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising, your 7th house is the scene for this conjunction for you, and so you’ll see something change dramatically between you and the other person, be it your romantic relationship, business partnership, or someone you have an adversarial relationship with. If you are under contract with someone, that relationship happens here as well. This can mean anyone you’re in partnership with, it doesn’t have to fit a monogamous or traditional framework. There’s an element of deepening your beliefs about this/ these relationships, or surprise that changes what you are working on with another person. There will be a shift that will be providing an impulse to freedom or  rebellion within this relationship. You might find yourself growing closer to someone through unusual circumstances. Or something could upset your beliefs about the relationship and make something pleasant turn adversarial when it was friendly, or vice versa. Whatever the change entails, it is supposed to grow your connection and beliefs about what  you believe about your important relationships. 

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius Rising will feel this in their 6th house of daily health and wellness practice, service, and place of employment. It also rules your pets. Jupiter is your chart ruler, so this will be felt a little stronger for this reason; what you believe and how you grow is a big deal to those with Sagittarius on the Ascendant, and there has already been some sort of expansion in this area of your chart as it is. Perhaps you’ve seen the power of daily practice, or belief in how you can build your stamina, your fortitude, or your bank account at your place of employment. Now with Uranus in the mix, there will be a surprise, or new information that will really change the game and your beliefs about what is possible. This could feel more like an upset than a benefit at first, so know that before you bemoan a new health situation, or unexpected employment change. Change is scary, especially in a foundational house like this, but this change is here to help and expand you. Trust in that. 

Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Rising feels this conjunction in their 5th house of pleasures. This area of your life includes romance and sex, hobbies, games and risks you take, sports you play, anything creative you do, including if you have children or want them. If you have been trying to add a new member to your family, this could be fortuitous, but if you don’t want a new member to your family– it won't feel as lucky. If you’ve been playing games and gambling, be careful since Jupiter is involved, and can steer you to excess, but if you are playing safely, this could bode well. Artists could find the stroke of inspiration that they have been waiting for, or becoming more successful in their artistic careers. Romantic relationships that have started as casual, might find themselves deepening, or with surprise new details that kick things up a notch. We can find upsets in all these areas, and if you do, remember that these setbacks ultimately are going to send you on a 14 year journey to learn what is possible.

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Rising this conjunction will happen in your 4th house of home, family life, the place where you live and your private self. Uranus is your modern chart ruler so the change that this brings you could feel welcome, despite the fact that Taurus is adverse to change, it still might feed your impulse to freedom and evolution. You could get a surprise that asks you to expand your family, move your family, or change your family. I use the term “family” to mean all kinds of configurations of what that can mean to a person. Something to do with abundance, be it family money, your home itself, or the land your home is on can also go through dramatic change and expansion. But remember expansion doesn’t always look that way if we are in an unexpected change. We fear change and what it represents to our foundations. Try to keep this in mind if your apple cart is upset. Taurus likes to sustain what’s there, and your nature for home base might feel a bit more dug in. This area of your life likes to be steady and comfortable, even though you are fluid and expansive, so just remember to trust changes coming even if they feel destabilizing. 

Pisces Rising

Aquarius Rising feels this in their 3rd house of worldview and communication. This house also affects siblings and your immediate neighbourhood. Jupiter is one of your chart rulers. You are happy with porous expansion and infinite possibilities, questions of faith and devotion, but a change in beliefs and your worldview could rock you a bit more than usual with this conjunction. You might expand your spiritual self, or even your artistic understanding of communicating it by happenstance, situation, or simply find yourself and your beliefs needing to be communicated in a bigger, more expansive way. This could be lucrative, even if unsettling or overwhelming at first. There could be upsets with communications within your neighbourhood or with your siblings that could change the way you interact. Ultimately we are in a 14 year cycle of growth and expanse, so this is supposed to push your worldview in a meaningful way. Trust that this foundational way of thinking and it’s way of pushing you forward is going to be the change you have needed, even if it feels difficult to integrate at first.

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