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Wednesday May 1st: We Can’t Control How Things Go

A lion at the symphony
Everything's under control.

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Sun @ 11 degrees

4:26 am PST/ 7:26 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

11:05 pm PST/ May 2 2:05 am EST

Today we have some fixed squares to spice up Mars’s new home in Aries. I felt a lot of fear yesterday when Mars first went into Aries and had to remind myself about the call to courage when Mars is in its home sign. It’s interesting how much we must do while we are afraid. Fear is always with us, and we do things despite it all the time. 

Moon square Sun. We are crunching up against our stranger instincts, the things that make us feel a little on the outside; and our need for security, comfort and to know things are working. It’s hard when we know we need to break free from something or a way of being, and yet we require some degree of steadiness, and normalcy to get through. Fixed squares are frustrating, but they help us really know and pinpoint what we want or need. We might see two sides of ourselves at odds, pushing our ideals against what is really happening.

Moon square Uranus. Uranus rules this Moon, so there is some shared energy here, as a surprise, a change, an idea, or a piece of information redirects what is happening, and likely we feel some discomfort as we come into some friction with what we essentially need and what happens. We can’t control how things go, and although we know what will make us feel better in our body, and our senses, the planets will throw us out of that comfort to make sure we really know what we need. This moment is set up for that. We are working with some real fixed energy today that is making us clarify our larger vision. Whatever happens, know that it’s there to help you move forward, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

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