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Astrology Transits for Tuesday April 30th: This Mars Takes Action

A knight pets a cat with attitude.
Ready to fight, but ready to pet the cat too.

Mars enters Aries

8:33 am PST/11:33 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Venus @ 1 degree

11:03 am PST/ 2:03 

Aquarius Moon conjunct Pluto @ 2 degrees

12:00 pm PST/ 3:00 pm EST

Venus square Pluto @ 2 degrees

9:26 pm PST/ May 1st 12:26 am EST

The big news today is that Mars enters Aries, it’s domicile, and a place where it can really be itself. Here Mars is quick, active, ready to go, impatient, and somewhat unfettered. The shadow side of Mars in Aries is aggression and the willingness to fight. 

Mars here can be quick to anger or action, which can be a bad or good thing depending on the situation. There are many reasons to be angry and suppressing our anger is keeping it in our bodies and making us sick. Some people say that cancer manifests from suppressed anger. I have no way to prove this or even any need to say it’s true, but it is something to think about. 

Misguided and misdirected anger is a bad thing of course, but again– if we direct the anger where it belongs, and let it be communicated in a safe way, with emotional intelligence, I wonder if we would have a different world? Back to Mars in Aries. Mars acts, and directs energy, whatever that energy is. Anger. Desire. Sexuality. Lust. The need to clean. The need to get things done. A to B. This Mars doesn’t wait, doesn’t sit around, and doesn’t contemplate its next move. This Mars takes action. You can use this during its tour of Aries to your advantage. What needs to get done?

Moon square Venus. Our bodies and instincts are for the greater good, and looking at the high level long view. Venus, newly in Taurus, is ready to receive, peaceful, and comfortable. There is an earthy warmth and value to this vibe, while the Moon has a colder stance on everything. This comes into friction today in this fixed square. There is an intellectual versus material/ physical issue, something that is real versus conceptual, and yet the conceptual is based in the body. 

Moon conjunct Pluto. We may experience a transformative moment or realization, or really something is brought to the surface regarding our needs and our general experience of our emotional body. We might have a more removed view of things here, and yet there is an emotional imperative to this conjunction. Change may be required, even though this is a quick transit.

Venus square Pluto. This has been applying all day and finally we have this revelation or something we’ll have to deal with emotionally about our values, and the people we connect with. We may find that this fixed square disrupts our peaceful equilibrium, and forces us to change something, internally to accept it. Pluto wants to transform us, and Venus wants to connect us, so this fixed square might feel spiky, because both are right. We want both, but not when they are at odds with one another. How can you keep the peace within, even if change is imminent?

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