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May 7th: Tonight's New Moon in Taurus: Magic Can Happen On a Different Plane

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What is abundance to you?

At 8:22 pm PST/ 11:22 pm EST May 7th, 2024, we have a beautiful New Moon in Taurus. This is a rich and supportive New Moon because it is ruled by Venus and she will conjunct this astral event. In fact the new Moon also conjuncts Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus as well Venus is what we value, who we value and how we connect. Taurus is a sign of reality, what is tangible and what we can actually make happen. It will work hard, but it wants reward, luxury, comfort, and to enjoy the fruits of its labour. It is the principle of sustaining something for the long haul– which is really how we think about what we value, and that is Venusian vibes right there.

So something has ended, or trickled out in this regard. New Moons are preceded by an ending of sorts. Something hollows in order for something new to grow, and the potentiality of this seed growing is wondrous. But make no mistake, there is an ending, and that ending is where the seed of your new beginning is planted.

Uranus mixes some divine magic in the pot, by keeping us entangled in humanity’s story, while Jupiter pushes our belief systems further. What is real and what can be done will expand. What can you believe is true, by admitting what is real? Sometimes we sell-out our inner lens to what the media, to what others are saying, and we adopt a view that is not even our own, it's the communal agreement. But is that view reality? Jupiter is daring us to go bigger with our worth and potential. It dares us to believe that we can build in accordance with our values and in alignment with the divine plan of humanity. This is no ordinary New Moon.

Intentions set here are blessed because the ideas will be coming from your highest value and beliefs– while still being based in the corporeal world. This is something beyond concept. This is something real that will be built/ that you are building already. And that is where magic can happen on a different plane.

Taurus is often related to cold, hard, cash and financial concepts. It’s also related to agriculture, and that makes it related to the stock market. Who among us doesn’t want, hope for, or actually need more abundance in their life? So-- yes our intention can be for more of that, but this New Moon does ask more of us. It asks us to be clearer on what this abundance will do in our lives, what it will reflect, and how it fits into the overall scope of who we are. Sure-- let’s get rich-- but why? What is abundance actually reflecting for us? It's not just so we can be comfortable and enjoy life’s pleasures, because otherwise anyone with a large portfolio and bank account would be sitting pretty. We forget that Taurus wants to do the work. Consistently. That Taurus will sustain, it will find security, and it will receive. So perhaps this is really about what we think abundance will give us, and that is the seed of what we really want. 

Taurus is in for the long haul. What are you in for the long haul to do, to be, and to value? What does security mean for you? What house is Taurus on the cusp of in your chart? What aspects will it make? How can you harness your real world as a springboard to come into what you want for yourself and how you serve, what you are building, and your sense of self worth?

These questions can help you form intentions to be done after the New Moon goes exact. This is about valuing yourself, your talent, your offerings to the world. You are needed for this new world we are creating. New Moon blessings.

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