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Astrology for the End of June 2024: This Wound Will be Felt, and Reverberated

3 people at a sauna.
If you can't cry it out, you can probably sweat it out!

Well-- dear friends-- are we feeling the water vibes yet? What emotions are running through you? How does it affect your identity, your thoughts and your ability to connect? Does it feel heavy or blocked? Like falling in love? Cancer is running water that will side step the topography. It runs over-and through, it cleanses but it also creates. 

At 8:59 am PST/ 11:59 am EST on June 26th, Venus will be the apex of a T square with the Aries North Node and the Libra South Node. This, most likely will be around relationships and values. The opposition between the nodes builds this relationship tension coming from the habits and instincts we have dealing with others, and the need to have identity within that relationship. This is tricky on its own without Venus, the planet of relationships-- and ruler of the South Node-- joining the party. This is a cardinal T square which means it’s designed to initiate us into something new and fresh this summer.

Cancer Venus is protective, deep, and safety-concerned. This Venus is artistic, home based, and very sensitive. With Venus so close to both Sun and Mercury, they will be in on the party as well– we will be contending with something-- however mundane-- that will be asking us how to be ourselves in the face of all the feelings we carry. How do we be ourselves when we are hurt, or scared, or trying to protect everyone else? How do we make sure we do not spill our emotional cup?

There are 3 personal planets involved in the sign of family and mother, so there could be some of this ambiance in this question, since we’re really addressing karmic points. There is something to move forward with through this square which could feel frustrating or worse, initially.

A couple of days later on June 28th, 10:46 am PST/ 1:46 pm EST, we have another square– however one with way less planetary involvement. Mercury in Cancer feels it’s thoughts, there’s an emotionalism and sensitivity to this way of thinking and communicating. Mercury is has essential dignity in this decan, and it squares with Aries Chiron, which is helping us rediscover our identity and selfhood through our wound experience. This wound is like souvenir we didn’t ask for of something we never wanted. This wound will be felt, and reverberated while this Mercury somehow gains understanding, articulation, and hopefully some form of safety. Aries Chiron is about identity, and these wounds take us far into our psyche sometimes. 

The lesson here is to somehow let the pain be there. Let it teach you. Moon will move into Aries that day to support this unfiltered and raw pain, or thoughts of being unsafe. There is a chance, no matter how awkward, to do some self parenting here. We let the wound hurt so that one day we can heal-- ourselves and others. The wound is the compass upon which we find our destiny and DNA.

Does this pain, and your body’s reaction to it, help you see how your body knows things?

Are you learning to pay attention to the wounds that attack your ability to trust yourself, and by seeing them, render them powerless?

How can you tend to pain while still moving forward? How can you communicate without letting the feelings overflow?

As if that wasn’t enough for June 28th, Saturn goes retrograde at 4:35 pm PST/ 7:35 pm EST from 19 degrees, until November 15th. Retrogrades-- with the slower moving planets such as Saturn-- are often felt more subtly than the personal, faster moving planets. With the Piscean flavor of this Saturn, we will likely be doing a lot of introspection, and questioning. Saturn is our stern taskmaster and often gives us something to work hard at, and nothing comes easy or quickly with Saturn. We may have a spiritual lesson we are contending with, and this retrograde forces us back into review and reflection mode. We’ve gained ground, but we need to look back at the task at hand. 

During the month of August, Saturn will make a mutable square with Jupiter in Gemini, perfecting on the 19th and this transit alone makes this particular retrograde notable. This is some strong learning juju, and it will get into our beliefs, our lessons, and our role in society, amongst other things. We have been making shifts all year and contending with relationship work since last summer. There is some navel gazing that is acceptable, and even welcome to help keep us focused on what’s actually important. Saturn in Pisces doesn’t mess around, and will take away that which is not helping us stay on task. Those of us who waft in the void have a difficult time in coming to terms with this. Sometimes we cannot make sense of the loss in front of us. It breaks us for a period of time, and while the void is not the only Pisces Saturn experience, it could open it's infinite jaws at us for a spell.

Dreamwork and art are beautiful antidotes to the heavy-handedness of this Saturn and its boundaries, endings, and spiritual thwarting. There is a sweet, creative, boundlessly beautiful vibe available in the Piscean sea, so hopefully all humans will connect to that while experience the “picked away by vultures” hollowing that may or may not creep in from time to time. There is always a point, remember, and it’s always for our wellbeing. Pisces is the Yoda in each of us.

What are you ready to give up, and what will you always hold on to?

What do you think Saturn in Pisces is asking you to master? What has made this take longer than you thought? Is there something you can work on now with it?

What are you learning is essential to you? What cannot die inside of you?

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