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Astrology Transits for Friday April 12th: We Want Something, But Actually we Want Everything

Someone plays music to an audience
We are figuring it out.

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @  14 degrees

7:38 am PST/ 10:38 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Mars @ 16 degrees

9:49 am PST/ 12:49 pm EST

We’re interacting with mutable squares today, which means that transition is on the menu and squares are usually challenging, as is dissipation, dissolution and change. But let’s talk about how good this is. We don’t like endings or stopping, because of our existential issues, but ultimately, we all love it when the meeting ends, when someone who took too much room in our life leaves, when something that took over us, plays out. Endings are beginnings, and they are so very hard.

Moon square Saturn. Something is over, it’s ended or need to be put in its place, and that’s not easy or ideal. Something had to end, it involves head and heart, an ability to dissipate to be safe, and a deep knowing. Saturn is keeping us on track, spiritually, right now. And we can’t trick Saturn. There is a spiritual generosity coming: I want to understand, I want to care, I want to negotiate. But this Saturn is going to make you see the big picture, and that big picture is part of your survival. Saturn's story takes time.

Moon square Mars.  The drive is high, the impulse is reckless because it’s spiritual. Your will and desire is to the greater self, and this Moon is ready for trouble. How do you want to act? Who do you want to be? But also,  what do you need to know or understand, to be able to act? What are you being told, eternally?  There is something to do or want that has lasting reverberations on how we move. We are in a mutable square, which is helping us pull out before we thrust. We want something, but actually we want everything and that’s hard to pull off. Instinctually we know what to do. Transitions are hard.

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