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Astrology Transits for Friday March 22nd: Mars in Pisces Will Connect Your Movement to the Water, and to the Field Itself.

A yogi on a rowboat with his peacock.
Stillness on the water is a way to move.

Mars enters Pisces

4:47 pm PST/ 7:47 pm EST

Besides a quick yod, early in the morning, today’s big news is Mars’s ingress into Pisces. Mars rules Aries, so this will shift the mood a little as he rules the Sun, North Node, Chiron, and Mercury right now. What is Mars in Pisces all about? 

Pisces is absorbing, so Mars’s drive, will, and desire all move in a more subtle way in Pisces. It’s a presence that moves by absorbing in, and its power is emotional, spiritual, and works from within. It wants one-ness and totality so it moves its energy with that aim, Mars in Pisces is inclusive, aware, and present, and its power is that it soaks in and many aren't aware it’s even happening. Mars in Pisces wants to know how to get out, so it requires some space to move. It doesn’t like being surrounded or caught in a large crowd, that will make it bee-line for the back, the door, or the exit. 

When I think of Mars in Pisces I think of dancing, yoga, hypnotism, tantra, really good choreography with a large number of people, mantra/ prayer, music that is powerful and you feel in your toes, tai chi, swimming, and self sacrifice.  Mars in Pisces will connect your movement to the water, and to the field itself.

Mars in Pisces doesn’t need to resolve a fight right away. It can stew in its juices, and not as a form of warfare, but as a way of sitting in the problem. Mars in Pisces form of battle is in soaking it in and sitting in it; feeling it. It gets to know it. Mars in Pisces cares deeply, but has no time for nitpicking details, it wants to solve the entire issue and that takes time. Mars in Pisces is not in a hurry. It’s not bound by time limitations.

How can you use this power to be intentional and preset while embarking on this new journey? As you move through this quick Aries energy, can you use Pisces Mars’ presence, space, and emotional awareness to slow you down a bit? 

Have you started a meditation practice yet? If not, now is an excellent time to start.

Mars will be in Pisces until April 30th.

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