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Astrology Transits for Friday May 17th: We Are Getting Some Activation

Lots of potions to choose from.
Where to start with all of this?

Taurus Mercury square Aquarius Pluto @ 2 degrees

12:38 am PST/ 3:38 am EST

Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Saturn @ 17 degrees

2:46 am PST/ 5:46 am EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Venus @ 22 degrees

12:14 pm PST/ 3:14 pm EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 23 degrees

1:51 pm PST/ 4:51 pm EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Sun @ 27 degrees

10:52 pm EST/ May 18th 1:52 am EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 28 degrees

11:41 pm PST/ May 18th 2:41 am EST

Mercury square Pluto. We can be transformed with words and thoughts. We can have things revealed. This is a fixed square, so we are working with some intentional factors. This buzz sits in the air, and there is growth from words and thoughts that may be agitated through Pluto's tendency to reveal, dig up, and destroy. Some point needs to be made or some detail needed to be hammered on. Can we guard against the inevitable? Can we stop ourselves from dropping that comment? 

Moon opposes Saturn. There’s going to be some issues with someone in your life and it will be a battle of inherent needs versus what must be restricted or held back. There is tension between needing order and the wild world that doesn’t play by any rules. You might need to negotiate. Everything can’t be perfect.

Moon trine Venus. Earth trines create plot developments, nostalgia, memories, and ideas. There is real world ease here, your needs can get met. Your values mix with your standards and things are well executed in this energy. We are getting some activation with this Taurus spread with these trines, giving us a glimpse of what can manifest tomorrow.

Moon trine Uranus. We are integrated with change and insight. Our bodies get the message or are the message, and there’s new information that comes to light. Perhaps the Sun/Uranus conjunction on early Monday morning has something to do with what we are beginning to know about ourselves and our needs? Perhaps something happens or becomes known, and now that changes the game plan.

Moon trine Sun. We are grounded and working within real life. Real life will give us an experience that will showcase our natural talent and pizazz. In the form of how our bodies and souls work together when we are doing real world work. Something about us existing is really working for us and hopefully this feels awesome, but of course it could be something like “Yay, I’m the only person here that can change the tire, good thing I’m here!” 

Moon trine Jupiter. How are we seeing ourselves within the collective? How is it to be in the world with people, and what do you believe you need from society? Somehow your beliefs and needs will work seamlessly together to make something work, or reflect, or find safety. This Moon is trying to find the best way, and analysing the situation relentlessly, so it will work nicely with a steady and intentional belief system.

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You are wonderful Elisabeth. The AI ? illustration fits your reading (again) Thanks for your creative flow.

Love Peter

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