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Astrology Transits for Friday May 31st Announcement!


As May comes to a close, my labour of love: daily transits– is also coming to an end today. I’ve been doing these for around 2 years, maybe more? I started with weeklies and then became dailies with more regularity lately. Please enjoy my last “daily!” I plan to continue to write about major transits here, and provide new and different content in different ways. I’m excited to do this work of letting go, and I say thank you for this lineage of knowledge, thank you for this reading my work, thank you for getting to do this together.

a corpse on the beach.
I told AI about Weekend at Bernie's and this it what it gave me.

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 18 degrees 

1:22 am PST/ 4:22 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 29 degrees

7:54 pm PST/ 10:54 pm EST

Moon conjunct Saturn. So is this destiny then? This feels a little like Weekend at Bernies. It’s uncomfortable carrying a corpse around. Feelings have to go and fly but Saturn doesn’t let anyone leave unless they have a cab or way home. We are all blocked here, and we want to just leave it all, but of course we have this corpse we have to hide, and there are all these rules. Sometimes I wonder if Saturn is the true trickster (instead of Mercury) because he plays the LONG GAME. Saturn can wait 40 years for a punchline. 

Moon conjunct Neptune. In terms of duality, which is really a Gemini thing and therefore apropos, I have to say there is an insane duality to having Saturn (the border guard/ rules guy) hanging out in the same area as Neptune (the questionable, pleasant person who seems confusingly awesome). Neptune is dissipatingly pixelating in Pisces while Saturn represents a cold dead hand at the bottom of the ocean. There is something and nothing together. Moon becomes nothing for a hot minute after that Saturn experience. We can panic about samsara but there’s really no point. It is what it is. And what a beautiful thing to be a part of!

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Thanks for your dilligence and insight. What a day to leave us on the beach ! Look forward to anything you share in Samsara or Nirvana.

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