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Astrology Transits for July 10th and 11th: What Have You Learned About Your Blind Spots? 

A family with bad hair in a portrait.

Since the Cancer new Moon I’ve heard a lot of people talking about synchronicity, and fated events. A lot of this has centred around what and who home and family is. The universe is dropping breadcrumbs in this centre point about what is foundational for us. We root into some deep emotional work. We are contending with so many challenges; but how do we plug in? Who is there and who isn’t?

I’ve heard a lot of visions for the future of home. The future of family. This is our energy port for all the other things we do out there. This is who holds us, sustains us, takes care of us. We create the same for them.

On July 8th 1:45 pm PST/ 4:45 pm EST we had a beautiful fire trine with Leo Mercury and Aries North Node at 10 degrees. Fire trines are impetus, and spiritual happenings that happen with ease and benefit. In some way there were ideas, thoughts, communications, or information that help us in our plight of finding the essence of self in our relationships. Maybe we notice some growth, maybe a conversation goes better than planned. Trines are often subtle because they are effortless. Things just work perfectly for maximum benefit and the conversation is scintillating.  What are you learning about the way you think and what you’re willing to do to help? What are you proud of? How can that propel you?

On July 10th, 7:57 pm PST/ 10:57 pm EST Cancer Sun will trine Pisces Saturn at 19 degrees. Pisces Saturn is our taskmaster but here his sense of responsibility, mastery, and time work with our sense of identity. This is a water trine, so we may see rewards for our spiritual and emotional work, or at least evidence that we are on the right path. Perhaps we even see our own growth?

This is an artistic and creative aspect, so showing up to the mat/ desk/ easel/ kiln/ instrument might really be the path to expression, healing, and divine insight. What have you done to create emotional safety in your world? What can you work on, or continue to work on that supports healing, compassion, and creativity? Trines are like talents, some things just come easier in this way. But that is what makes it harder for us to see and recognize what's working. Can you see where this might be happening in your life? Is there an area of life where you have it pretty good-- consistently-- without much effort? Is it possible you take it for granted?

On July 11th we have an exciting morning with first  another water trine with Cancer Venus and Pisces Neptune at the critical degree of 29. This happens 7:21 am PST/ 10:21 am EST, and has more of an emergent tempo than other degrees of signs. Venus in Cancer wants to finish up its work here and is going to be pushing family connections, making the home welcoming and busy, and having gatherings. There’s this idea keep our loved ones close, this idea of valuing family, creativity, and creating the safe place to gather. 

There is emotion and protection here, and it gets into the way we work with finances as well. The trine with Neptune at 29 degrees wants us to see where we may have been deluded, confused, or dreaming. We’ve come to a point where we may have our head in the clouds, or be in an altered state or emotional or spiritual high; or crescendo. We have to work on our idea of compassion, and have an understanding of where we can be misled. 

Some of us can purposely disassociate or focus on something too good to be true as a way to cope. Our coping mechanisms can be stuck at 5 years old, and our body just does it. We sail away. And pretend reality is not happening. Pisces Neptune is this vibe. But it is also big Buddha vibes too-- that's the real kicker. Accepting everything as it is, is a spiritual flex. So disassociation is somewhere on the shadow side of meditation. Altered states can bring us to places that spiritual rites of passage can.

There’s something here that can help us heal what is liminal, there is an opportunity to see something that we don’t want to see, or to merge with our shadow. This is deep work, and urgent work, and it’s here to help. What have you learned about protecting yourself recently? What have you learned about your blind spots? 

One thing about trauma-- and cycles of abuse-- is that they are confusing. Being gaslit is confusing. Being unsure if you are safe with those you love is confusing.  What is the confusion telling you? How can you be a safe space for yourself? I mention this in case Neptune is bringing some of this up for you.

Venus enters Leo, still on the 11th, at 9:18 am PST/ 12:18 pm EST. Venus in Leo is full diva energy. It wants to be seen and connected to others. It leads by heart, connects by heart, and will seek the spotlight. Leo Venus wants to be seen. It dresses to impress, there’s this whole hair thing. Leo is headstrong, and this is a dramatic placement for Venus which is our receiving vibe. This is fixed fire, it has energy and a platform. We had a whole lot of Venus in Leo energy last summer as she retrograded through this sign, and we all contended with our values and how we want to be beheld. There will be drama, my friends.

What do you value in connections and how do you want to be seen? What and who will you prioritize? Who gets your time and attention? What gets your time and attention? Does it all match up with your values?

Well don’t worry if you don’t have the answers to these questions, because Pluto in Aquarius, on July 12th 7:08 am PST/ 10:08 am EST, will face off with Leo Venus in an opposition at 1 degree. This will be reflected in relationship tension.  There will be Venus, her drama, and her need to be seen and there will be Pluto, who coldly will present or reveal something that can’t be unseen or that changes the whole game. This energy can get into the collective groupthink, and it can bring a paradigm of upset on fundamental level. These are two fixed signs, and Pluto can be unforgiving in its enthusiasm to bring us into the new way, while Leo can be so concerned with being seen it forgets to see.

If we look at this energy and where it’s propelling us– we are getting ready for July 15th, which presents some big change. But we’ll get to that later. For now we have our marching orders. We are being called to understand our own sense of safety and how we can bring that into our emotional and spiritual being. This water energy and relationship energy is calling us to take more responsibility for our own needs, and identifying what is our stuff to deal with.

Many of us have intuition going off like crazy. We are in an interesting epoch. Keep facing the hard stuff, and having compassion. We have some more surprises in store this summer. This year has some good churn for some real change. Jump in with both feet.

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