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Astrology Transits for May 2nd and May 3rd: We Have Had a Lot of Stories Beginning

The dock is sinking.
What's sturdy?

Thursday May 2nd

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 24 degrees

2:27 am PST/ 5:27 am EST

Aquarius Pluto goes retrograde @ 2 degrees until October 11th

10:47 am PST/1:47 pm EST

Moon square Jupiter. This Moon has ideals and a unique way of being, and it comes into an issue of beliefs and reality.  What are you trying to go towards, what do you instinctually need, and how can you see things working, versus what is actually happening, and how you know things need to grow? There’s this idea of needing more, of wanting more, or even indulging in more, and having emotions around that– that you didn’t hit an ideal, or that you are bogged down in something that won’t allow it.

Pluto goes retrograde today, this is not something that will feel terribly different due to Pluto’s slow movement and penchant for being retrograde for half of the year. Pluto’s work in this period of time may be less overt, and bring more inner realizations, revolutions, and explosions than physical ones. If you are a Scorpio Rising, or have a strong Pluto signature, you might keep track of the difference of any strong Pluto moments and how they work in retrograde.

Friday May 3rd

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 16 degrees 

4:03 pm PST/ 7:03 pm EST

The astrology today is really all about the stack and less about the angles. We have had a lot of stories beginning in the past few months. We are solidly in Taurus season so we have the hedonistic vibe of wanting to enjoy real life. We have Venus in her home sign, making us value what is important, and what is vital to real life. But we also have Mars in his home sign, ready to initiate change. That can feel like anger, passion, frustration, it can feel like anything that makes you want to do something.  Neptune is in the last degree of Pisces, and that means there is an urgency to this confusing message. Newness is upon us, and creeping forward, whether we like it or not.

Moon conjunct Saturn. We are feeling this lesson even if we don’t understand it. We are more psychic and tapped into this big emotional field, and within that spiritual plane there is lesson about what we must do, and how we must be in the world. This can feel austere, and heavy, but it is rooted in deep purpose, and it is there to keep you within your limitations. It is because you are part of everything that you need to be clear on your boundaries and who you are. Your body will know this, your senses will tell you. There is a message from within, and it could be confusing. It is there for you to know in your body. You can move forward, and you will.

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