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Astrology Transits for Monday April 8th: It Starts Here and It’s Beautiful

It's Oktoberfest and there's cartoon ducks.
Who am I? and who are you?

Aries Moon conjunct North Node @ 15 degrees

5:18 am PST/ 11:18 pm EST

North Node Total Solar Eclipse @ 19 degrees Aries, conjunct Chiron

11:21 am PST/ 2:21 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct Mercury @ 24 degrees

7:38 pm PST/ 10:38 EST

Today is the eclipse and all the magic and force of the divine plan coming together to close out all the progress we have made in rediscovering our own essence and drive; our identity. The mechanism for this work has been our relationships, and everybody is feeling this lesson in all kinds of different flavors. Romantic relationships, friendships, work colleagues, family members; we are releasing old patterns from all of these interactions, all of it coming up to teach us who we are. 

Moon conjunct North Node. Our bodies and emotional selves will begin the day by meeting the impulse of our future. North Node beckons us to who we are becoming, and the ways in which our identity must shift into something built for this new age. This is in Aries so it gets into our essence, our body, and the person placed within it. This could be inspired or painful, it could be awkward, or guided. But it is the threshold that takes us to this powerful eclipse. It may simply come as a need or instinct, a pull or even a sensation. It could be a situation that you find yourself in that pulls out this new impulse, or direction.

The eclipse is here to heal us, help us, and bring us to a new identity of self. This is a merging of body and consciousness that is ready to move forward into the world. It’s a rebirth, but one that incorporates the wounds of our ancestors, the wounds of our lives, into the rebirth. We must carry the knowledge of humanity through, and heal it. It begins with understanding our raw self.  Who are you– really– when you think about it?

If you could wish anything for this world, what would it be? Can you identify with your wish for the world? Can you nurture the part of you that wants to emerge? Can you boldly, and courageously be OK with being who you are,--and love it-- as an act of love for humanity? 

So that was sort of a loaded question. Some of us are in pain, struggling, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, addicted, terrified. How can you stop and love those parts of yourself? Because it starts here: we need to collectively love ourselves to love each other and love the earth. This isn’t a big spiritual bypass, this is radical rewilding. Loving and acknowledging yourself, and all your issues, gross habits, all your weird stuff, is the first step in healing our collective trauma. It starts with the self. The first sign of the zodiac. The Sun and Moon, featuring Chiron. It starts here and it’s beautiful.

Moon conjunct Mercury. While the eclipse portal closes, the work is only beginning. Mercury is still backtracking this reclamation of our identity, which has been worked pretty hard recently, but also, for months. We are trying to come to some idea of our thoughts and ideas, the way we communicate that, and with Moon there, there is a fusion of thoughts and feelings. We embody what we know about ourselves and instinctually do and this is a sweet reminder that it can all jive together. Here we go into this brave new world.

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