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Astrology transits for Monday May 20th: We Are Finally In Gemini Season

Twins try on prom dresses.
Are you going to the formal?

Sun enters Gemini

5:59 am PST/ 8:59 am EST

Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Pluto @ 2 degrees 

7:32 pm PST/ 10:32 pm EST

The big news today is that we are finally in Gemini season! It’s party time! Gargle with salt, you’ll be talking and discussing and finding out the facts, the story, and the scoop. You might get some big downloads from the sky, and soon some planets will be coming into the mix to join you. This is a time of information overload, high curiosity, duality, and banter. Areas that won’t be firing as well might be focus, where we put our attention,  anxiety, emotional maturity, commitment. Gemini season is a time to develop deep understanding and perspective. Gemini loves to really sit in the confusion and de- and re-construct and that is a vital quality that all of us need to get through life. Our egos get a little more curious and connective in this mercurial sign for a month. Things are about to get very Gemini indeed.

Moon square Pluto. This Moon is highly sensitive and needs something to feel safe. Or possibly never feels safe. Regardless, there is a desire and edge to the intensity of feeling with this Moon that is ruled by the planet squaring it. Pluto wants to dig deeper to transform the situation with emotional alchemy. This could feel a bit heavy handed when something happens. But it’s a process that could have great healing and benefit, or at any rate, it can help bring something forward that you wouldn’t have known how to pay attention to. Sometimes the worst of times bring up information that is vital to our transformation forward. It’s icky, unpleasant, and it’s usually unavoidable, and yet, it frees us in a way that we can’t quite explain. It’s the best thing that ever happened to us. This might not be that of course. But it’s something to think about as you move through deep frustration.

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