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Astrology Transits for Monday May 27th: Who Are You Becoming?

Moonlight through the clouds.
Big opening coming.

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 23 degrees

3:05 am PST/ 6:05 am EST

Aquarius Moon trine Gemini Jupiter @ 0 degrees

2:30 pm PST/ 5:20 pm EST

Aquarius Moon conjunct Pluto @ 1 degree

5:09 pm PST/ 8:09 pm EST

Aquarius Moon trine Gemini Venus @ 5 degrees

11:09 pm PST/ 2:09 am EST

There’s a lot of energy flying around today. Especially air! Divine downloads abound. I would say “Carry a notebook around,” but that’s not so modern of a directive anymore. “Take notes on your device” doesn’t have the same ring to it. Regardless, you might want to take note of what information, thought patterns, and ideas are percolating. If you are getting massive downloads, and you can somehow record them, they could have some easter eggs for you. And of course sometimes everything is just obvious.

Moon trine Uranus. The divine channel slips in some new insight, information, event that makes us work differently, plan differently, feel differently. There is some way we are able to adapt to slow change, and there is earthly support here to do so. This blessing helps us prepare for more air as the day goes on.

Moon trine Jupiter. This happens at the critical degree of 0, which gives a purity to the energy of the signs. There is this impulse of alienating the self and feeling safer by blending in. Jupiter wants to expand horizons and make a plan or map to get somewhere. There is a real buzz in conversation and project work, an augmentation of whatever you are doing that will feel technological, rebellious or weird. There is a lot to talk about and synthesise, but it may be a wild energetic ride to get there. Take the ride, however, it’s there to help you on your way.

Moon conjunct Pluto. Our bodily channels will pull up some stuff and make us deal. Something is being dragged to the surface here and there’s a curiosity and danger while digging in the dirt. We are transformed and ready to work within the collective field, and our bodies have the sensitivity to understand what we are doing, and yet there is something that likely also needs to be destroyed. Who are you becoming? What have you carried this far and how can it help the world?

Moon trine Venus. Whatever we have learned today is going to enter into the way we do connection and conversation. There is a lot of wit, banter, and wordsmithing available, but Moon is involved, and there are knee jerk tendencies and a real rebellious streak going on. This energy is working well, and effortlessly together. Whatever you instinctively feel will translate into what you value and vice versa. Take this ride to get you clearer on your options and where you might need to go with all this information.

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