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Astrology Transits for Saturday April 13th: Don’t Worry, You’re on Track

A lot of flotsam and jetsam.
What's coming with you?

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 28 degrees

7:45 am PST/ 10:45 am EST


You are still learning how to be yourself. You thought you were doing this– this whole time-- but of course you hadn’t had all these deep, recent lessons yet. Don’t worry, you’re on track. This is the plan. You’re supposed to know this now. Not four years ago when you were learning pandemic lessons. Recently there have been lessons about finding parts of yourself that needed acknowledgement, love, strength. There was this whole who am I and who are you thing. And you’ve rebirthed something and become more you, and you are still in this process. You are still learning how to think, love, connect, talk, and heal– like you. 

Moon square Neptune. We are trying to understand what must dissolve and what is going away. We have an instinct to try to understand, but there are some things that are unknowable. This too will dissipate through the annals of time.  Gemini Moon is curious, and has an impulse to immerse, but Pisces Neptune will give no clarity, no narrative, no through-line. We can’t really understand everything, and maybe we don’t understand as much as we think we do. Emotionally we’ll want certainty, or at least something to make sense, and Neptune can do a really good job of showing us what we want to see. But maybe not what’s real. There’s trickiness in this square, which is meant to really compost some old stuff. If something feels soothing and familiar, then take a better look at it. You’re supposed to move on, not double down. We are definitely leaving something behind.

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