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Astrology Transits for Saturday April 6th: This is a Beautiful Thing, Really, It’s Just a Lot of Work

A figure is surrounded by fish.
Something fishy going on here.

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 14 degrees

3:11 am PST/ 6:11 am EST

As we inch closer and closer to this month’s imminent astrology, it’s hard to know exactly what transit is doing what. This is a song that is being played throughout the universe. Jupiter and Uranus are closing the gap in Taurus, we have the eclipse approaching with Chiron, Sun, North Node, and also Venus is in Aries.  "I am" is under review. What we are building and living from is changing and expanding. We are learning how to be ourselves again so that we can move into the future with our raw undomesticated self.

Moon conjunct Saturn feels like a big contraction, but it’s about feeling responsible, and knowing your responsibility. This is a beautiful thing, really, it’s just a lot of work. Because it’s Pisces' work, we are dealing with endings, spiritual transitions, art, dreams, dissolution, water, and the ocean. We are becoming masters at goodbyes. We are ready to do the work that needs to be done. Think of this contraction today as a squeeze of encouragement from someone who loves you. You’ve got this, and it’s hard, and it’s a lot to move through, but you can do it, and you will. It’s the work you are meant to do. You are on the path.

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