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Astrology Transits for Saturday May 18th: There Is Complexity To Untangle

A girl mixes beats as a DJ
What do you believe you can do?

Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Neptune @ 29 degrees

2:07 am PST/ 5:07 am EST

Venus in Taurus conjunct Uranus @ 23 degrees

4:21 am PST/ 7:21 am EST

Libra Moon trine Aquarius Pluto @ 2 degrees

7:30 am PST/ 10:30 am EST

Sun conjunct Jupiter @ 28 degrees Taurus

11:36 am PST/ 2:36 pm EST

May’s more exciting  astrology starts today with two aspects happening today that only happen once a year, give or take. We have a stellium of planets in Taurus making stable and secure cha-ching, and Mars in home-sign Aries and ready to rumble– what could go wrong? Some of us are being deeply challenged in how to manage our will, effort, and unfiltered energy while learning how to do what needs to be done, manage what comes our way, connect with what we really value. We have been asked to know our worth, and believe in what’s possible even when things feel new and unstable. We are more grounded but we are also hitting roadblocks on our forward motion.

Moon opposite Neptune. This one is a doozy, a relationship showdown at the anaretic degree of 29. This gives urgency and heavy handedness to the energy, which is already BIG today. This Moon is keenly aware, hyper vigilant, and making all the connections and correlations. It is a perfectionist and nothing will get by it, as it longs to be comfortable and safe and never feels it can be. This Neptune is going to obscure and obfuscate everything. It will tell elaborate stories and let in countless strangers of dubious intent through the front door.. There is complete murkiness, deception and delusion here, while there is an intense need for order and service, truthfulness and direction. This will manifest in some kind of relationship issue and kick off the day.

Venus conjunct Uranus. Recently I watched a video where the astrologer reminded us that Venus says no more than it ever says yes, and I can’t stop thinking about that. I can’t say I disagree, but everyday I wake up and believe Venus is going to say yes. In the case of her tryst with Uranus, she’ll have no choice but to yes whatever divine insight comes forth. This transit happens around once a year give or take, and there will be an impulse, a revelation, an epiphany, or some new set of circumstances that will have to be integrated into what and who we connect with, what we have materially, and who we carry and sustain. This is a chance to really see what you love, and what you don’t love. Does Venus say yes or no? Or does she have a choice?

Moon trine Pluto. Air trines bring up some big ideas and understanding, and especially with Moon showing us ourselves through our body. There is complexity to untangle, there is a strong need for balance and equality, moderation and evenness, that Pluto will help transform and free. Something works energetically to everyone’s benefit, and it feels right, just, or at least fair. 

Sun conjunct Jupiter. Our identity and consciousness, which is focused right now on sustaining and getting through, is going to be superpowered by our beliefs and our collective. There will be a real world tangible growth, expansion, and dilation. So our egos could get big here, we could be overconfident about something, or we could be struck with some sort of greed or lack mentality that overtakes us. But on the flip side we might experience some sort of boost in optimism, financial gain, and identification of our most real and basic assets. We might start to grasp our potential, and how far we can go. Things are going to get interesting further from here. What do you believe you can really do in this world?

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