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Astrology Transits for Saturday May 25th: A Big Day To Have a Good Time

Ideas at the office on the whiteboard.
Ideas are fun. Good times!

Gemini Venus trine Aquarius Pluto @ 1 degree

4:14 am PST/ 7:14 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 29 degrees

7:48 am PST/ 10:48 am EST

Jupiter enters Gemini until June 9 2025

4:15 pm PST/ 7:15 pm EST

Venus trine Pluto. A big day to have a good time. There are lots of conversations to have and lots of things to say. This trine moves things forward, there’s this idea of bringing things up that need to be addressed for everyone to be ok, and an idea of finding connection and value. With Gemini and Aquarius involved there will be some depth and overarching idea, and there are some highly specific emergent details. Together we find ourselves transforming our idea of what we want, and what we connect to.

Moon square Neptune. This anaretic degree of Neptune is a big urgent plea to get you into conscious manifesting and lucid dreaming, and Moon is bringing your body and instincts into the cocktail. There is an impulse to learn and grow, but remember that Neptune’s growth can be a vast ocean of confusion. This square, There is an idea of what is possible, and how much we can love, and there is optimism, and hope. Direction and certainty will commingle with confusion and delusion.

Jupiter enters Gemini for over a year after its tour in Taurus. This will be a shift of belief, social behaviour, and focus. It’s important to be focused on the right things and there can be a mess of ideas, projects, conversations, convictions, and beliefs going around. We’re going to have to figure out how to make the high level and details work together. There will be a lot of talking and learning going on, this is a great time to expand your knowledge. Jupiter will enlarge anything it touches, so be cognizant of excess, especially when conversation and words are involved. Take this moment to commit to choosing your words more carefully, and expansively, to choose words that mold a future you would want to be in. Our beliefs are part of this, so choose words that are in alignment with your beliefs. 

Choose a mantra and commit to it. Let it grow and change, but keep a mantra with you so your beliefs can expand while being rooted in the best words you got.

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