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Astrology Transits for Sunday April 14th: This is Part of Your Process

Fireproof suits are good for fire dancing
Let's turn the heat up in here

Cancer Moon square Aries Venus @ 11 degrees

8:24 am PST/ 11:24 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 15 degrees

2:48 pm PST / 5:48 pm EST

Cancer Moon square Aries North Node @ 15 degrees

3:39 pm PST/ 6:39 pm EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Mars @ 18 degrees

8:19 pm PST/ 11:19 pm EST

Cancer Moon square Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

11:42 pm PST/ April 15th 2:42 am EST

This Moon is giving us all the feels. Cancer is a rushing river, its water wants to move, or direct. We are identifying what feels safe, what feels in line, as Cancer connects us also to our maternal line, there may be fraught ideas or understandings of safety as well. The emotional impulse to find safety, create safety, go to safety may be strong today.

Moon square Venus. Emotionally we are contending with what we actually want, and what we feel. There is a discord happening, relationships may not feel as safe as we’d like them to, our values are coming into play with this discord between instinctual needs and preferences and your way of connecting. There could be financial contraction or friction. This Moon will direct some feelings towards an understanding of the way you want be in concert with love and money. Maybe you’re scared to break out and do it? But you feel like you have to anyway? Maybe you know what you have to do but it’s super overwhelming to take a first step?  Feel the feelings– they are going to help you direct your current. The feelings you face here will help you understand what you’re working with.

Moon trine Saturn. These feelings are helping us get clear on the work we are supposed to be doing, so there is a healing vibe to this trine. The trine is helping us pump out the detritus. So there’s probably something that is not coming with you through this journey you are on, and it’s a whole thing to contend with. Letting it go  might be hard to do because it’s sort of deep down there and you might have held onto it for a long time. I’ve moved many times and it’s always interesting to me to see what weird stuff makes it through multiple moves, until I finally admit to myself: I absolutely don’t need this. I haven’t looked at it in 10 years, and yet, how do I just let it go? You just let it go. You don’t need all those broken pens.

Moon square Nodes. Moon is the apex of a T-square and that means relationship tensions are still going on and on and on. There is this idea of who you are, now, with all that work of understanding, identifying, and loving yourself through that eclipse portal. There is also the idea of who you have been– your habits, your patterns, the stuff you do without thinking in your relationships, with others, and that is coming to a place that will initiate some feelings. This is part of your process, nothing to fear here, but it’s also you do have to go through the emotional journey. You will be looking at what and who feels safe to you.

Moon trine Mars. What we want is something that is spiritually sound and safe, and that feels aligned with who we are.  You might have to take actions that are difficult to work through emotionally, or that feel like endings. Water trines are about healing, and that is the goal here.  You might find yourself moving through some deep water.

Moon squares Chiron. Chiron is the wounded healer in all of us, and a big cosmic influencer in the recent 2024 edition of the recent eclipse portal. Chiron. Today has been about feeling the feelings and finding or identifying what safety is for you. This could be a rom com worthy day but likely it will be a bit more spikey as you explore your identity wounding, your instincts and inherited responses, your fears about being safe, and your ability to heal yourself. This has been a lot of relationship work, and continues to be, and you are doing it wonderfully.

Can you see how far you have come? Can you honor yourself, your needs, your instincts with the care and protection of safety you desire?

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