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Astrology Transits for Sunday March 17: What wants to come through you?  

A cat sleeping on a bed.
Sometimes rest is the most creative act.

Pisces Sun conjunct Neptune @ 27 degrees

4:09 am PST/ 7:09 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Venus @ 7 degrees

4:53 pm PST/ 7:53 pm EST

This deep conjunction starts the day in Pisces. Sun conjunct Neptune is spiritual and artistic. It’s rooted in compassion, the deep love of creation. What does that mean, exactly? Well it’s hard to know with your brain, because this is a felt experience. This is a consciousness that will open you. Because it’s watery, it could feel heavy in the body, and require more rest (that’s how it’s hitting me.) This is healing energy.  Sun is our identity and ego and in Pisces we are connected to the one-ness. Neptune IS the one-ness, so we have merged with the divine. But that can be hella confusing. Fears, discomfort, and dust bunnies of emotional shrapnel may be coming loose to let go of. Take this one in, and wrap yourself in it like a warm blanket, it will move through you. Journaling, meditation, music, art, spiritual pursuits are favored. Do less and let more emerge; inspiration is talking to you. 

Moon trine Venus. The energy from earlier today separates as this watery trine gives us something to embody in our relationships. Our empathy, compassion, and sense of safety is supported by what and who we value, our emotional connections. There is a way to work together, to soothe and to heal. There is a way to be compassionate. Pisces is an area to dream of possibilities and with Venus here, there is a psychic vibe to the transit. Artists can bring down some big energy through this water; sometimes just showing up to the page/ easel/ jam space can be a first step. What is calling you? What wants to come through you? How do you connect with what’s here and now?

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