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Astrology Transits for Sunday March 31: What Are we Aiming For And Why?

Someone shoots an arrow into the mist.
Shoot high.

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Venus @ 24 degrees

11:05 am PST/ 2:05 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

5:16 pm PST/ 8:16 pm EST

There is fire and optimism in this Moon. There is an aim and goal with all of this. Moon square Venus. We are trying to change, we want to change but there is nothing that we are holding on to. This is the thing. Dreams and ideas are great places to aim your arrow, but they end up in the mist. There is nothing grounded or tangible to this effort and when we try to make things work. Nothing works with no momentum, we are just moving into something new. What are we aiming for and why? Is there any sense in it?

Moon square Neptune. Our bodies and highest selves are oriented to a mutable change. Change is in the air. It’s almost time for Mercury retrograde, and here we are, doing our best, our highest, and shooting our arrow far. This is confusing and difficult. But we will get there.  This big reorganization, this April-- change is coming, the Mercury retrograde, the eclipse, the Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction, it’s moving us into our new life, and we are preparing to change. What are you ready to revolutionize?

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