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Astrology Transits for Sunday May 12th: There Is Healing To Be Done

The captain drives the ship.
Into the mystic.

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 17 degrees

4:09 am PST/ 7:09 am EST

Cancer Moon square Aries Chiron @ 21 degrees

11:12 am PST/ 2:12 pm EST

Cancer Moon square Aries Mercury @ 27 degrees

9:55 pm PST/ May 13th 12:55 am EST

Cancer Moon can bring out strong feelings, and like a river, she will move them through you. Some of us are used to this river, and can weather a swell, others may find this movement overwhelmingly emotional. 

Moon trine Saturn. There is a point to all this emotional weather. It’s creative, connective, and it keeps us in our body, and it is a reason for our resilience. We don’t often think of our emotional selves as strong, yet our emotions, and how we deal with them, are one of our most powerful tools. We have learned to suppress and avoid these feelings, sometimes replacing them with other coping mechanisms for all kinds of reasons. But the feelings come, don’t they? Regardless of where you pack them away-- they show up. This trine is part of this story: your emotional strength, your emotional sensitivity, and how it keeps you connected to the spiritual one-ness. Your feelings are one of your antennas to the divine plan. Today your feelings, however strong, will work well to keep you on this track. This trine keeps you with the spiritual work you are doing and must do, and what must be let go of to keep on your path.  This can come in many forms; joy, pain, romantic love, letting go of someone forever, feeling something isn’t right, knowing there is something you must do, however crazy or emotionally charged it is. But the feeling will be in alignment with your spiritual purpose.

Moon square Chiron. These days we can’t have strong feelings without contending with our identity wound. There is healing to be done, and this square asks us to commence something. This Moon wants safety, and when Chiron comes up, the only safety that will sustain is the one we give ourselves. How can you create safety from within? Do you identify as safe to yourself, and if not, why not? Is there something to heal here within yourself, so that you don’t bring trauma to your own experience? This is tricky, and it takes a lifetime sometimes to get this dealt with. But today is an opportunity to do a bit of work on it. 

Moon square Mercury. Let’s look at how we think about ourselves. This is a personal thing; who do you see yourself as? Likely, this shows up in how you communicate with people. Humans are interesting because there are so many things we hide from each other, and so many things that we think we are hiding from each other but are actually on display. We are hiding and revealing ourselves and our thoughts all the time. So whatever emotional spray wash might come today, remember that this is an opportunity. This is an opportunity to sort out your feelings with how you think about yourself, and get to the bottom of who is driving this boat. Who is the captain of your soul?

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