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Astrology Transits for Sunday May 19th: Now We Drill Into It

The goddess rises.
Now that I have my attention.

Libra Moon opposes Aries Mars @ 14 degrees

8:47 am PST/ 11:47 am EST

Libra Moon conjunct South Node and opposite Aries North Node @ 14 degrees

9:33 am PST/ 12:33 pm EST

Aries Mars conjunct North Node @ 14 degrees

8:40 pm PST/ 11:40 pm EST

Libra Moon opposite Aries Chiron @ 21 degrees

11:08 pm PST/ May 20th 2:08 am EST

Today is going to have some relationship dynamics, there’s no way around it. But most of our lives are relationship dynamics, is this really that different? This has been a period of time to understand who you are in essence, and how to translate that with others, in a way that honours who you are, but also incorporates all the structures of lineage, ancestry, etc. We seek a harmony that only we know is harmony to us.

Moon opposite Mars. You can probably sense that your impetus is a little more intense right now and that you don’t want to waste time on that which doesn’t serve your goals. You’ll probably feel tension with someone or a few people with themes of keeping the peace, making things feel fair versus a strong unfiltered impulse with the self to do, go, or express. There will be some “you and me” moments today. Has something been innately bugging you? Is there something you have to do?

Moon conjunct South Node. So now we drill into it. This Moon finds safety with equality with another person, when both are balanced and there is a breezy understanding between us. But North Node beckons us, as Mars applies a conjunction today, to look at what it means to move with your own sense of safety and equilibrium in relationships. Is your wildness being heard in this music? The million dollar question here is whether you are acting from your instinct or your conditioning? What door must open for you to truly meet your own needs? 

Mars conjunct North Node. Let’s find out what it means to act from our wildness. Because no matter what unfiltered, unrestrained potential mess we just made, it was part of the plan. We need to own that impulse inside of us, and we need to be responsible for ourselves in relationships. This is jedi training for the future, fam. If you made a big mistake, if you acted  and regret your actions, this is information to look at. What is wildly trying to move you these days?

Moon opposite Chiron. We are all in an age where we can negotiate safety, trauma, healing, and triggers. There is a tension in our relationships that goes deep, between what it means to feel safe and harmonised on an emotional level, and what it means to know one’s self. We are all bravely healing ourselves so that we may not inflict weird patterns on others. This tension drills into this. Keep trying. You’re doing great.

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